Fp2 screen is not working, phone crashing

My fp2 started flikkering, some times switched itself of and on. And a few days ago it crashed, The battery is full, using the off and on button en volume it does switch on again, but the screen is full of stripes in the beginning and goes black in 2 seconds. Same when I remove the battery.
Sometimes i see tekst on the screen in mirror image.
I can’t get in the phone because there is no time to use my code and the screen doesn’t respond quick enough. Can anybody help met with this problem because the phone is useless. I’m not a technical wonder, just a user, getting very lost in this forum…


This doesn’t sound good. Did you already contact support?

But maybe it’s just a contact problem. You could take off the display (if you do it the first time, it’s not that easy, but you’ll find some hints on how to it here), clean the contacts and put the display back on again.

hi Irina, thank you very much. i did contact support but no word yet. i’ve been looking in this forum for a few days now, no thread or topic is useful… i’ve tried your advise but i did not work…
phone gets hot thought…i think it needs serious reanimation.
I have mac so i can’t use the hardbrick method it seems…

Yes, I also looked for a forum topic that might match you problem, but couldn’t find any.

They are quite overloaded with work, but maybe calling them could speed things up. You reach them:
Mon & Tues 10:30 - 18:30 and Wed-Fri 9:30 - 17:30 at +31 (0)20-788 4400.

thanks very much, wil make a call monday.

I have similar issues (the phone can still be turned on but the screen is unusable). I have updated the OS to version 1.2.8 (with some pain) and tried to take off/back the screen as explained but it is still not working. I guess I will call support on Monday too.

The screen on my FP2 has slowed down gradually until it stopped responding completely (no stripes or anything, though). It has started before updating early May. After rebooting to factory settings, it works for a while (1-2 hours) and then the screen stops working again. I have done that several times and now I have sent it for repair…

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That’s what I did too. Support was great (kudos to Sylvain)!

I have had exactly the same problem with my phone since I first got it but it was better after I updated it but past week it’s been playing up again and now it’s totally stopped working with only the stripey screen. Did you get yours fixed in the end?

Mine has come back, and it has worked 24 hours before the screen stopped working again. :frowning: Nothing weird appearing, but it doesn’t react at all when you touch it… I have emailed to the repair guys about it and am waiting for an answer.

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