FP2: screen goes suddenly black while using, notifications etc keep working

I am not sure whether somebody has seen this before but I have now experienced it four times (doesn’t sound too bad, but hasn’t changed within three months or so):

  • While using my FP2 (NEVER while calling somebody, this also happened but I took care of this following the workaround), all of the sudden my screen goes black.
  • When I, e.g., hold where the search button can be pulled out, after a while I feel the screen vibrating, so I guess I could start a search :-).
  • Charging the phone works (light appearing) but does not help
  • When I receive messages or others, notification lights light up
  • Removing the battery does not necessarily help

… and then it just goes back on again (after half a day or so and me getting mad at the phone). Once I was able to do it via the battery but I suspect this was a coincidence. For the four times it happenend twice in a pair during a day or so.

Any thoughts? Software? Hardware? Has anyone experienced the same thing?

Do you have automatic brightness control enabled?

Nope. Should I do this?

Nope; there appears to be bug that it sometimes switches on the backlight altogether. Just wondering whether this was related.
I vaguely remember a similar problem being discussed, but I can’t find that topic at the moment.

This indicates to me that it’s not this issue but rather a screen with a bad contact. You should try to remove the screen, carefully clean the contacts and put it back again making sure the contacts align well and there is no extra space anywhere between the parts.

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