FP2 Screen can't be reactivated during/after calls - See first post for Workarounds

Hey there,
exactly the same problem, accepting or making a call, even when the Phone and its proximity sensor is in no way close to anything, display hangs up until call is finished.
I´m still annoyed now. Missing this topic @ list of known issues very much.
Please stay fair, even to your custumers!
For me 500€ is not nothing, sorry that should´t happen with a two weeks old device.
Waiting urgently for a final solution!
Had also problems with FP1 and was understandingly all the time so far.
Thanks for help asap

Actually- this topic used to be on the list of known issues. Maybe @Douwe could shed some light at why it is not anymore…?

You’ll find the answer here:

During a call, the screen turns black. I am not able to get light in the screen before the conversation ends. On my old phone (Samsung Galaxy S3) the screen got light in it as soon as it cam on distance from my head. It doesn’t happen on this - even if I give the on/off-button a click.

It is obviously a problem as some calls (doctors and other important stuff) demands that I press a number in order to get a specific department of whatever I am calling. What is wrong?

Add me to the list of the affected users. I got my FP2 a three days ago and today this issue started affecting me. In my case the screen goes black the moment I start the call, well before the phone is in proximity to anything. So far I have only witnessed the behavior with outgoing calls, at the moment I don’t think incoming calls are affected. I have not deactivated the privacy impact notification, will see if this helps. I am doubtful this is a pure hardware issue, as I would expect it to be present for both incoming and outgoing calls.

For me the issue seems to be intermittent. When it occurs it affects both incoming and outgoing calls. The moment any call is active the screen goes black and does not come back on until the call has ended or the device is restarted. Restarts do not help, and neither does turning off the privacy impact notifications. I cleaned the screen, also to no effect.

Some time later, after all the tests, I received a call and the proximity sensor started working correctly again, and the issue with the black screen hasn’t returned, both outgoing and incoming calls work fine. Very strange.

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Clean the Sensor and the back of the Display. This should help.

[quote=“p.s, post:96, topic:11874”]
Both would be hardware- related. Or am i missing a suuuper- special cleaning software doing that job?
[/quote] No, it’s a complete new incidence if you can change the Display or not. But if every person will send back their device back (like you), there propably won’t be a fairphone 3.

If you had read my earlier posts, you would know, that the support has kindly asked me to send in my phone, because they need a faulty phone to reproduce the bug :wink:
I had actually asked for an easyer way to solve the problem- like just replacing the faulty unit or sth. similar. But yes- i’m guilty of any bankrupcy coming ^^

Count me in as well, from th ebeginning it ihas been off and on with this problem. Today after rebooting my phone, i held the on button pressed for a very long time, i got stuck in some sort of fastboot screen. After pulling out my battery it worked again.

But the problem of not able to hang up after a call is really annoying: even polishing the screen doesn’t always help…

No need, like i stated in the edit, the problem went away completely on its own. I actually have been trying my best to reproduce the issue again, but so far call behaviour has been completely normal. I have no clue why it stopped and started working again.

When it stoppend working I left the phone on my desk after having rebooted it for like the 10th time due to all the test calls. Two hours later I get a call and all is normal. I literally didn’t touch the phone in the mean time. Now it has been normal for more than a day. Keeping my fingers crossed that the problem does not return and my phone was just temporarily in a state of insanity.

I’m seeing a few “Open your phone and Clean the Sensor” responses.

That worked for me too. It was suggested by support about a week ago. I was wary of removing the screen, but did so (it takes a bit of a push but slides off nicely once you push). After that I could clearly see dust in the sensor area - cleaning it fixed the issue, and it stayed fixed!

full disclosure - tech support asked me to return my phone for them to replace/investigate further. it had also gotten quite hot and … anyway TAKE THE PLUNGE !! - Open your FP2, remove the screen section and clean the proximity sensor. :smiley:


Exactly the same issue happens to me, when I answer a call or even do a call to someone else. After the call is ended by the other party, it also takes a few seconds till the sreen shows up again (no physical bottons work during the sreen is black). Is there a solution yet? What could I do?

Same problem here :unamused: Hoping they find a more sustainable solution, than repeated cleaning and using the powerbuttom to end calls…!


When I call someone I can not end the conversation . I have to wait that the other person ends the call otherwise the screen does not work, or if I call someone I have to wait until his mailbox finished the conversation I cannot finished the call before…

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I’ve the same issue. I check my proximity sensor and all seems to be good.
In my case it seems to be an software bug. What I can do ???
I’m starting my new business. It’s very important to trust in his device.

Please, do something. I cannot continue with these kind of bugs.

Same problem … (I got my Fairphone in February - I am in France)
can we have an official response Fairphone on what to do?
thank you

Not that you need much more confirmation, but I am having the same issue. It makes things really awkward when calling lines that require me to press a key for an option (my voicemail does this). It didn’t happen at first and the solutions offered above have not helped.


I have the problem with the proximity sensor too… I will try to clean it. But, I have a second problem which bothers me already for a while.

if my screen was in standyby and I try to reactivate, this does not work (the problem hasn’t appeared regulary but multiple times). I have to remove the battery and then, my FP2 works fine again until the next time. I tried to clean the proximity sensor here as well, but that didn’t help.

maybe, there are other users with the same problem… thank you for your help!

This could be the same as is discussed here:

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I had the same problem. Removing the plastic layer solved it ! However, I didn’t even know what a proximity sensor is (its my fist “smart-phone”), nor that there was a plastic layer on the display… :slightly_smiling:

My phone was fine in the beginning & this problem popped up just a few days ago.

Removing the screen and blowing onto the sensor and also wiping the sensor window in the screen assembly from the inside (I used a Q-tip [edit: for the window! – not the sensor! ;)]) DID resolve it!

By the way: there was no visible dirt/dust on either of these parts. the phone seemed super clean inside. Still, I am somewhat worried that this will reappear since apparently the sensor got dirty over time. Will report back in case the issue comes back :wink: