FP2 Screen can't be reactivated during/after calls - See first post for Workarounds

Hello everyone, just wanted to report that I also have this same problem. No screen protector, tried reboots and thorough cleanings. Thank you for the power button option but I do hope this can be fixed soon as it’s been pretty frustrating leaving looong answerphone messages while I fumble around trying to get the battery out!
Thanks :blush:

Yeah, same problem here. Wiping the sensor doesn’t help.

Hello, I’ve also been dealing with the identical problem (FP2) since about 2 weeks. Same goes for a friend of mine. Cleaning the proximity sensor every hour seems not to be a proper and sustainable solution.
After having read this blog I activated the power button to end phone calls with customer hotlines before the very end of the respective answering machine. But this is just a temporary solution. It’s quite annoying.
Will there be an FP2-update soon?

Dismounting the screen and removing the dust between the sensor and the glass solved this issue for me :slightly_smiling:

Same issue kicked in after one or two months here. Thanks for power button work around. Didn’t try cleaning the sensor yet.

I had the same problem, i just resolved it, it seems in my case to be a Privacy Impact problem (Settings > Sounds and notifications > Privacy Impact > Tick Disabled PI): the screen is not black anymore when placing / receiving a call.
Instead, I’ve the proximity issue mentioned here. My ear seems to launch randomly apps from the screen and jumping in the different menus of the launched app.

Could this really be it?

Sorry to disapoint you. Didn’t work for me…

I don’t think so, I never disabled PI and I have the same issues as reported above…

Hello everyone, my situation with the FP2 and my feelings towards it are exactly the same as stated above.

I’m waiting for a proper fix but if it cannot be fixed at all i’d like to return my phone and get a refund to purchase a functional phone even if it is not a fair one.

I’d like to know if the fairphone team is working on this and if it is a fixable issue.

Thanks !

Then write support, as stated several times this is a community forum…

I’ve been writing the support on 8th Feb- so 13 days ago and still got no reply in this. As this problem is one of the more severe ones, i’d expect more effort and regarding all the existing troubles- a lot more communication from fairphone!

I just did write to support about the issue, let me just emphase what p.s just said about the communication that should be made about this particular problem.
I too think that it is taken lightly in regards of the severity of the issue described.

I understand what you mean. As I wrote earlier, I experience the same issues.
I for myself just wanted to make clear that if you want an official answer this forum is not the appropriate channel to ask for it.

Here’s one official support response. Approximately four weeks after asking about it, and from just one of the three emails I wrote on the issue.

"What you explain sounds to me as if you don’t hold the ear speaker really close to your ear, but you hold it in such a way that the so called proximity sensor (which is next to the led light) is not covered. If this is not covered the phone will not lock properly or will unlock when you move the phone.
So I recommend to really hold the phone against your ear during a call, this way you can avoid this. Please let me know if you have any other questions. "

In my ticket / support email I clearly described both the ‘screen always black’ and ‘wandering phone UI’ problem during calls but here, after four weeks, only one half of the problem is recognised but the support person.

They make no acknowledgement of it being a legit problem and seem to file it as a user error. No mention of an upcoming patch or engineering solution.

I am replying ‘unsolved’ to the email, and shall cross link them to this discussion. Customer service call-backs are a new failure case, just recently discovered too - since they always seem to want keypad inputs and I can’t easily schedule a phone reboot and screen clean around them…
May yet ask for refund… Will re-post any response from official support.

– updated : FIXED IT :smiley: made a post about this, but support recommended removing the screen assembly (no tools needed of course ;-)) and cleaning the sensor from the inside, not just the front outside of the screen. It fixed it and it stayed fixed. Has been a week now and 100% behaving as expected. Yey! Keeping mine <3

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That’s worrying.
This issue is likely to concern a great amount of devices, if it is due to some kind of manufacturing error and that it is not fixable by a software update i doubt that Fairphone has got the budget to handle a great deal of refunds.

They should begin quickly to treat this as seriously as it should be…

One can forgive many things and wait for a long time if it is for the cause but not if there is some kind of lie or misbehaviour along the way.


Yepp, sorry for the spam, but just wanted to confirm: Have the same problem here, I think from Day 1, also I realized it a bit later because I rarely do phone calls actually. Still I find it dissapointing that I did not find any comment on that from FP until now.

@anon90052001 you might be interested in what is going on here. I would love to have someone official look into this…

I’m bringing in our Community Manager @Douwe.

We’re investigating this issue. I will report back here as soon as I have more information.