FP2 Screen can't be reactivated during/after calls - See first post for Workarounds

This might be not sw version dependent then, since I only experienced this issue after the software version update (previously I had the “screen won’t turn black while talking”)

I could have sworn I saw an alteration to sensor sensitivity in the last update? Could just be a coincidence.

That actually makes sense, since I had one bug (the sensor doesn’t detect that I’m talking on the phone and won’t turn the GUI off) and after the update I have the current one (screen won’t turn on until the person on the other side of the line hangs up).

hi freierfunden,

douwe answered to the question if its a problem with the seal: FP2 Screen can't be reactivated during/after calls - See first post for Workarounds

But you’re right. Some time ago now…

@Douwe: Are there any new findings to this problem till now?


I have the same problem with my FP2. I tried to clean the proximitysensor but i can not open the phone / remove the screen. Am I to angry to use to much power by pressing on the screen?

There are some tips throughout this topic:

I hope there are, but I also know that Douwe is away this week, so it may take a while before he gets back to us.

OS v 1 .2.8

I do many whatsapp calls and I experience two problems which occured after the last OS update.

  1. During the call my screen goes dark and I am not able to enter the phone GUI again. Nor pressing buttons or wiping and tipping the screen will wake it up. It seems that only when the other person at the end of the connection ends the call, I’ll be able to regain access. This happens more and more often.
  2. If the screen is not blacked out and I end the call by pressing the red end button, my FP makes a horrible sound. Sounds like NEERD :slight_smile:

Does anyone experience the same or similar behavior?

upd #1 : just tested it with a Skype call. It’s the same behavior.

The problem is solved. I managed to open the phone and clean the proximitysersor.

Hi Daniel,

Yes I have exactly the same with Skype’s calls, also with What’sapp’s calls and also with phone calls.

It’s a shame a shame to pay a phone more than 500€ and not even able to make a simple call.

The ethic concept of Fairphone is great, but sad to that behind thé product is shit!!!

I have the same issue.

I had the same problem (sensor cleaning was ineffective) but after activate the speakers during the numbering everything seems back to normal. Coincidence or track start?

Hi I could recalibriate the Sensor with the app “Proximity Sensor Fixiermittel” I did the recallibration first in the sunlight and it did not work. So I made it in the evening when the difference between light and dark are not so much. Now it works fine even with the the screen protection foil.
Mfg Tenne

Edit: sadly this dont work anymore even if I do the recalibration again. only thing that works now is the workaround with the power button to end the calls. Cant Fp just make a update to shut of the damm proxy. sensor?
its so anoiing that so much people just cant use thie nice phone!

Edit2: you can use the App: Sensors Test to check if the Sensor is Working.
I removed the screen Protector foil and recalibriated with the first app again and now it works well again.

If you encounter Problems with playing Sounds you get on. WhatsApp Blackscreen etc. It is the same Problem and is solved too now. :wink:


Hi @paulakreuzer, I have had the same problem since I got the phone almost two months ago. I tried to clean the proximity sensor, but it does not help. Both when I call out, and someone calls in mye screen goes black when I reply to the phone. I also have the same problem when charging my phone, that my screen goes black, and I therefore cannot use the phone.

Should I report this to support, or do you think this will be resolved in the next software update?

update: For calling the cleaning by a cloth didn’t work. It seems like this was just luck…
However after a recalibration of the proximity sensor with the App “Proximity Sensor Fixiermittel” (see FP2 Screen can’t be reactivated during/after calls - See first post for Workarounds) the sensor worked again, also when calling…

btw the problem occurred after the last OS update, hence I assume that the update somehow screwed the sensor calibration…

Thanks Tenne for the workaround!


I think the speaker’s activation prevents the screen to darken in order to be able to stop the speaker later…
Indeed this is a very useful workaround to this too long lasting problem! Thank you very much for your advice!

Very often the screen switch off while I dialled a phone number. I am grateful to remove
The battery

I’ve moved your post here, as it seems to be the same problem. See the first post in this topic for some workarounds until Fairphone comes up with a better fix.

I had the same problem. The sensors always read out 0cm. I cleaned the sensor itself and also the screen from outside and the inside and then it worked.

I managed to solve this problem by cleaning both sides of the screen where the proximity sensor is.
When I cleaned the outside it did not work, but after cleaning the inside it did…

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Cleaning inside solved it for me as well. For the second time now. Let’s see if this is a recurring problem on my phone too…

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