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I assume money and resources might be a bit tight right now, so what I write here is maybe not economically feasible, but this is just how I feel about it. I know that PR works, this is why companies still spend so much money on it. But still, I feel that I have to write this.

“Brand” awareness

Just give the users more access to the phones specs and some company details, so that they can write really good Wikipedia entries. One for the company and its goals, the other one for the FP1 and the FP2 with their pros and cons. So people can look it up.

Make a new camera module. Magazines and people will love it. (I know expensive … but modules are the killer feature of the phone … and the module is just the sensor and its connector anyway.).

PR “companies”

Is more PR really necessary? It’s wasting money. Fair projects and PR do not really work together well. Have a look at the Projektwerkstatt GmbH/Tea Campaign.

“Finally, “campaign” refers to what our customers do: educate themselves, consume wisely, and spread the word! Our company has grown by word of mouth, not by traditional marketing methods. The money we save lowers the price for our customers. Help us to keep our prices low!”

Or let the retailers in the country pay for adverts.

You have users and the users have friends … if they like the product, they will tell their friends.

What needs to get PR’ed, anyway?

The only part that needs “PR”-like convincing is the price. But everyone by now should know why the phone is more pricey. So this leaves the battery and the camera. Everyone can buy a usb-based battery extension pack these days. And the camera is modular.

So … I would suggest: As PR … create a camera module with a really good sensor (Sony). The phone, if stable and with continuously provided updates, should sell well, magazines will pickup the Fairphone story again.

What users want without PR

  • A normal good phone costs between 300-400 EUR. All extra is the “FairFactor” don’t make it too huge, nobody needs “fair” 600-700+ EUR “flagship” phones
  • Android has an update problem. This is why people buy Apple or Nexus. Make sure your targets know it’s not a problem with the Fairphone.
  • Everybody wants a good camera
  • A fair phone … with prove (like a full parts list pointing out the fairly processed T3G materials)

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