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kommentare sind interssante als der CHIP-TEST selbst.

ich empfehle auch kommentare hier zu lesen


please limit as much as you can the usage of non-english languages in “global” threads, at least, just put links so we can translate the whole web page :slightly_smiling:
You don’t know how frustrating it is to not understand something that appears really interesting !


Sorry @Elipsus . it’s not on purpose. Hier the link for Comments. Please scroll down to read the comments.

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But yes, the S6 is the better phone specs-wise. But I wonder why they don’t recommend a cheaper quad-core 801-based phone. Makes me wonder how that magazine works. The S6 includes a Exynos 7420 SoC octa-core. If you compare things you should at least say how they rated the different specs. Maybe it’s just best price-quality? That’s okay but with this a FP will never win. That’s okay …

Update: But I think the only reviews one can really criticize are those that include information about the supply chain as well. Maybe one should look that up for Samsung und Apple and start comparing correctly … I would like to see that.

They referred to the S6 edge because it costs the same. There’s no other reason why you would refer to the S6 edge otherwise. The edge feature is totally useless imho

Maybe. So they more or less compare two things that cannot be compared directly: A better SoC with and older one, and a slim All-in-One-Design with a big fat modular one and a replaceable battery.

What they do not compare: The supply chain quality of Samsung with the one from Fairphone. And this is what I want to see. Who uses the most audited smelters, who can show most of the sources, who can prove that their workers have good working conditions along the supply chain? Samsung, Apple … they all do publish some of this information … it can be compared and questioned.

But I cannot see those articles … yet. Maybe we should start here?


I like your thinking and I agree entirely on what you are saying. But unfortunately that is not what people care about. Most people don’t know anything about their impact of their daily life onto others.

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To that and your later comments: I think it is the same as I mentionend before for the stern article: It depends on the goal of the journalist. If one wants to inform he will do what you write. If he wants to produce a certain opinion or feeling he will of course not but use manipulative tricks (and in this case very cheap ones). So what happens here? Instead to want to read more about FP the naive reader has a feeling about the FP as the ugly duckling, closes the window, opens the Samsung page and that’s it. Bad journalism is no mistake or randomly bad, it is made on purpose. And yes, I am this paranoid :wink:

There were a few phones going around from magazine to magazine. In some articles they mention that.

The magazines got a prototype. Golem.de shortly mentions that here. Since the chip article is only published a week later I think it might be still a prototype.

Well same answer as for my first quote: They don’t want to get it. What better way than to promote Samsung?

Yeah a friend of mine got it and he said it’s totally weird because you touch something all the time by holding the phone … he regretted not to get the “normal” version.

I think many people care (not most, I guess …).
But think about this: If you have 20 articles about a product in well known magazines (unfortunately chip and stern are well known in germany, at least I would think so), from which 5 are very short with almost no information, 5 are longer but badly written like the chip article, 9 may be long and informative but still concentrate on the performance, and 1 really goes into the background and compare quality, supply chain etc. - then it already takes some effort to get the information about you impact as consumer. And if that is the case for let’s say FP, but also for cars, computers, the washing machine and so on then it really is a huge effort for each buyers decision.
I think this effort is what most people avoid, consciously or inconsiously.
I think media could change a lot in consumer behavior if they wanted to (not talking about ads here).


Kinderarbeit fuer Smartphone-Akkus | Child labor for smartphone battery

must have read

muss gelesen haben

We should just start collecting all the info here for the main brands, the cheap china ones and the FP, so lazy journalists (if this is really the problem) can look them up, including the sources.


That’s really paranoid :smile:. I think chip might not provide the best quality content, but that does not necessarily mean they do it on purpose. They have their reasons for that rating and some of them are valid points.

I never denied that and this is not at all contradicting my point :wink:

Personal review from france with a nice animated gif!



I think he is Belgian but nice anyway :wink:


you’re right… :blush:

Not exactly a review, but a short documentary with an interview of Bas Van Abel, FP designer
on French/German ARTE channel magazine ‘FutureMag’.

Has French audio and English subtitles. As it’s ARTE, I guess you can also easily find German audio.

You can watch it online till March 14 :


FutureMag | Fairphone and the End of Glasses
1,104 views - 31 min
Available from January 8, 2016 at 07:00 pm to March 14, 2016 at 11:59 pm

This week in Futuremag: Focus on Fairphone, fair and environmentally smartphone developed by a young Dutch company, whose second prototype is invading Europe. And the discovery of an innovative application that would allow glasses wearers to ditch their frames.

Programme information
Country: France / Year: 2015 / Director: David Paturel, Perrine Brami

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:flag_de: Auch nicht wirklich ein Review, aber meiner Meinung nach ganz nützlich und interessant:

Fairphone 2: Tipps & Tricks auf news.utopia.de.

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Dass man Screenshots nicht in der Fotos-App sehen würde, stimmt allerdings nicht.

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Here is a Fairphone 2 review in german (the only one I found on YouTube which is longer than 5 min):

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Hi all,

First of all, I’d like to thank you for your interest in media coverage of Fairphone and sharing your opinions about it!

We want to increase our capacity to gain even more high quality exposure in different countries. We are now looking for a long-term partnership with a PR-agency in Germany to increase brand awareness in the region. Any tips? :wink:

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