FP2 Resets ringtone every time phone is turned off / rebooted

Everytime my phone is switched off and back on again the ringtone resets itself to the default. Not the text notification, just the ringtone.

Is this a bug, not had this problem till recently and it may have coincided with the last software update.

Thanks Zora

Do you use a custom ringtone?

In that case:

Hi, I dont think its custom. It was just in the list of ringtones in settings? But I don’t think it used to be there so I have no idea? Im not really sure about customising stuff on phones.

Maybe you installed a 3rd party app the came with a ringtone? :confused:
What happens after reboots if you reset the ringtone to a previously installed ringtone?

I’m having this problem again now, after an update :frowning: I did use the solution that worked for me previously, but that doesn’t work anymore.

EDIT: My fault here - I had installed an application to automatically manage my sound profiles, and that’s where a setting had gone loose.

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