FP2 replacement? and about production of cell phones

Dear all

I just can’t list all the small and less small pb I face with my FP. I tried all tricks indicated in the forum, but not much success. And I am not that unskilled!

The last one: my old 3G phone was able to run a Skype call while my 4G Fairphone just could not…

I received this phone as a gift last December. Is it possible to exchange / worth trying an exchange with FP company??

I’d like to give this great concept a chance… (for French speakers, have a look at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w2PZQ-XprQU about production of cell phones)


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What if you try a 3G Skype call on your Fairphone?

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Can’t hurt to simply ask them.
I would imagine you need the original invoice from the person who gave the phone to you. That would also hint at whether the two-year warranty is still running …

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