FP2: Replaced by my Samsung Galaxy S1: FP2: Touch not working properly, many crashes, cannot be activated, backcover broken,

Dear FP (2) community,

I had to put my FP2 out of use today […]
I have searched the forum for solutions and tried my best DIY, but to no vail.
If you should have any ideas on how to solve my issues (see below), please don’t hesitate to contact me!

Dear FP team,

I know, being part of a movement and a pioneer comes with some inconveniences, which I am happily willing to accept. […]

So here is the list of my complaints by seriousness:

  1. FP2 switches off/ crashed randomly, […]

  2. FP2 cannot be activated when battery is low despite being charged, phone vibrates but screen stays black

  3. The touch screen seems to be broken on the right side: […]

  4. Proximity sensor […]

  5. Cracks on transparent blue cover


Hey @HRhode, sorry for the late reply.

Please see this post for a DIY workaround.

Do you mean you did the battery reset as described in the #batteryguide?
This should usually help with deep discharged batteries. Unfortunately if you deep-discharge again you’ll have to do it again.

Since you already tried reassembling (and cleaning the connectors?) the next step - which you already did too as it seems - is contact support to get a replacement.

Cleaning the sensor is no longer necessary (unless it’s really really dirty). The sensor can be re calibrated. See here.

You’ll get a free replacement from support. They have new covers now (which will be delivered starting December 16th) and also changed the material for the old designs, so hopefully this won’t happen again.

I guess this was all a citation of a support request you sent to FP? If you didn’t get a reply yet please call them to speed up the process.
Since it seems you have at least 2 hardware issues my personal guess is you’ll get a replacement for the whole phone. I hope it will work as well as mine. :slight_smile:


Dear Paul and FP community,

thanks for your suggestions.
I would like to share with you what happened in the last < 2 weeks (8 business days):

  1. I got a reply from FP support (ZEN desk) within a couple off hours, including a test for every of my issues in order to verify the reason and try to fix it! (impressive)

  2. After completing the test procedures and sharing the results, it was decided within 2 business days that they would need to take a look at the phone in their workshop: I received a mailing order for DHL express within hours

  3. My phone was evaluated in the FP repair center after ~5 working days. It was decided that there was some fault in the phone and I was informed that I would receive a new phone

  4. I received a replacement phone yesterday, after 8 working days. I installed everything and it feels great to be back on board with the FP2 project

I am somewhat sad about losing “my” blue FP2 due to technical weaknesses (“childhood deseases”) and receiving a new phone (transparent black). Considering we are part of a pioneer movement, one my have to expect some technical issues (and by the way: I am glad it is not as severe as with the latest Korean phones;-)
Having said this, I was deeply impressed by the quick response and straightforward problem solving approach by the whole FP2 team. After reading some posts on response times, I expcted to be stuck for some time (hence my post here in the forum), but the support team was as quick as possible.

So all that is left to say: thanks to Leon, Vas, and Svetlana at FAIRPHONE and also thanks Paul for helping out here in the forum. I will keep checking out the forum more thoroughly.

All the best, have fun, and enjoy your FPs!

Ps: If anyone would be interested in the tests I was asked to run in order to evaluate, I would be happy to share them (with the permission of FP Zen desk). I think most of them are shared somewhere here in the forum anyway (screen: kids paint, …).


Glad to hear it. Sometimes the Support team is even faster than the forum! :wink:

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