FP2 Repair of headphone socket

Warning: This procedure will void your warranty!
You will need some solder skills

Hello guys,
I had some problems with my headphone socket.
I often listen to music when I am working in the garden, so my phone is in my trouser pocket. My headphones have a straight pretty long plug and the stress on the socket during movement is higher than normal.

After a few month it started to randomly mute one side of my headphones. I reproduced the problem by moving the headphone plug in several directions. Could be like a faulty solder joint.

So I decided to open up the headphone module with a torx screwdriver.
Its a bit tricky but it doable. You have to lift up the metal tabs to open the module.

Here are two photos:

It doesn’t seem like a common problem but maybe someone has a similar issue. Its not to complicated!


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And after the soldering. I didn’t cleaned the solder flux because I was worried about the distance sensor.


Please be aware that this procedure could void your garantee on this socket.

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Yes you’re right.
It will definitely void your warranty of the module at least!
Maybe even the entire phone!

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