🇬🇧 🇫🇷 FP2 reboots all the time / I can't switch off my phone!


I bought today a Fairphone 2. I made all updates and installed all automatic updates and my applications, but this evening, I can’t switch off my phone! It is all the time rebooting with the FP2 logo. And my touchscreen has problems with letters, as A, W, etc, the left side of the screen :frowning: .

What can I do? The OS has a problem? Can I change the OS for Lineage OS? I am not satisfied and I found no solution in the forum. :frowning:

If I decide to change or must change the OS, is it possible to keep the original OS of fairphone?

Thank you for you replies.

J’ai acheté mon FP2 aujourd’hui avec le nouvel appareil photo. Mais je suis très déçu, car je n’arrive plus à éteindre mon téléphone, après avoir fait toutes les mises à jour et installé mes applications favorites. Que dois-je faire? Changer d’OS? J’hésite à passer à LineageOS, mais pourrais-re récupérer quand même le système de base FP OS? Je ne suis pas très content de ce problème qui pour moi est important et je ne vais pas laisser allumé mon téléphone jour et nuit pour rien. :frowning: A cela s’ajoute une partie de mon écran qui ne répond pas quand je tappe des touches. Je ne suis vraiment pas content de cet achat pour le moment. :frowning:

Merci d’avance pour vos réponses.

If new, be aware that you can return the phone within 14 days.
If new or not older than 2 years, be aware of the warranty.

Online Troubleshooting

Else …

Else … #contactsupport .

If it is clear that the OS has a problem, you could first do a factory reset …

… which should help with trouble brought in by user data or Apps, the factory reset deletes those and leaves only the OS as is.
If that doesn’t help, the OS can be freshly installed, too …

You can.
The Fairphone 2 port is at 15.1 currently, based on Android 8.1. There’s a fork with included microG, too.

Currently, there is no working multiboot solution for the Fairphone 2.
If interested, keep an eye on EFIDroid …

Else … you can always install any other OS again … #oslist .



Thank you for your different messages. Today morning, the phone switch off normaly. I don’t understand why. I notice the tip with the light, thank you, perhaps I will use it if necessary.

For the screen, I use the drawing and the left side doesn’t work with the drawing. But I bought my phone on internet, I haven’t any proof or document for the warranty… :frowning:

Thank you for messages and your help! :slight_smile:

Perhaps it’s a solution to use your phone in landscape, when you want to type a message.

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Hello people,
i had the same problem (phone reboots every time after turning it off) yesterday and used succesfully the “light tip” !

Thank you. Withe the “light tip”, all is ok :slight_smile:

I had the same problem - tried the flashlight tip and it worked. Thank you!

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