FP2 random reboots - see #rebootsguide for help

I am observing a similar problem. As soon as CARD2 has the 4G unit the FP2 is getting unstable. The problem is, that sometimes it crashes every 15 minutes. Sometimes once a day.

So I am not completely sure, whether that’s the real culprit. I will tell you next week :slight_smile:

I’ve got my first unintended reboot over night after 3 weeks of using my FP2. One SIM, not connected to a charger or USB. I noticed it because I had to enter the PIN for my SIM this morning.

Attached a screenshot which shows the downtime. It’s interesting that the reboot must have been triggered by itself after some hours of downtime. Powering on the FP2 this morning immediately showed the keypad for entering the PIN.

I’ve been having some 5 spontaneous reboots over the last weeks - so not as bad as some, but annoying anyhow. While typing an email or using some app or another. Me too, I cannot find a real pattern.
So if I’m reading correctly I should be asking for a replacement phone (which I don’t want to if I don’t have to - I don’t want new stuff if the old is still ok), or I should start fiddling around with the SIMs (for which I would have to buy replacements from my provider).

Is the jury already out on this? Are these ‘solutions’ far shots, or are the definitely worth the try?

Quoting myself here, just to update on this issue. The one time I observed the reboot was the only time so far. Never happened after that, so I guess it was a one-time-event triggering the reboot and not te same issue other people in this thread seem to have…

Based on your screenshot, it seems to be related to a high power drain, maybe a process which get stuck?

same at my phone… from time to time doesnt metter if i use my phone or not, go into a reboot. and my touchscreen reacting not how it should and ends in a frozen screen, which i could fix with the lock screen…

Is the same for me. My phone is rebooting after the screen froze. There is no patter visible

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Hey There,

my FP2 also startet to reboot… But it only happens when i try to make calls… I quess there ist a probleme with my sim. I use two simcards, but for now i only had the problems with my second simslot.

Is there any solution yet?

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Quoting myself:

It turns out that the FP2 with 4G on CARD1 seems to be stable. At least I have an uptime of more than 110 hours now.

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That may explain why my phone runs stable so far. Since my data plan only is 3G i have 4G disabled. I only had 1 reboot in now a bit over a month.

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Experienced my first reboot yesterday. I was just using Chrome and I was on connected to my wireless network.
I really hope that I will not experience any more of these.

I wonder why has this not yet been acknowledged as an official bug?

The FP team is aware of all the bugs in the #software:bug-reports and on the bugs list, but they only put those bugs on their issue report that they have investigated and have some knowledge about.

Bugs that happen randomly and can’t be reproduced are not easy to investigate I’d guess.

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I’m giving this a try, I don’t have a 4G plan so have disabled it. I’ll report back if it makes a difference. (24 hours and no reboot yet)

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well that went well… just rebooted.

Disappointing to hear given that the effect of this one is far worse than any other bug.


I have switches off 4G and had no reboots for 24h. So that seem to be the problem.

It is really about timt that this becomes an officiallz acknowledged bug.


Update: Enabled 4g, scrolled around - less than 10 minutes until the phone crashes. I did an “adb logcat” but I cannot see anything interesting in the logs. This is definitely a problem related to 4G and probably scrolling.

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I agree. I think these bugs are more important than fixing UI bugs.

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For me reboot happen often when i’m charging the phone, when it reach 100% (or close).


I’m glad to see that I’m not the only one, who’s FP2 suddenly reboots :slightly_smiling:
I just disabled 4G and will monitor, if that helps.

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Did you hear back yet?