FP2 random reboots - see #rebootsguide for help


I have the same problem.

I tried the following.

  • Get 2 new Farphone 2
  • Get 3 new SIM Cards from my provider T-Mobile Germany
  • I do not use any SD Cards in my FP2
  • I have only installed the Apps comes withe the FP2
  • I have installed the latest FP2 Update

Reboots happens 1 to 2 times a day and if I use Google Maps.

You bought 2 new phones because the first one had random reboots?

Since they are new the solution should be simple: Wait for the update that is supposed to fix them. In the next days you should get an automatic notification to update on your phone. More info in Douwe’s post above.

No, I did not bought 2 new phones. :wink:
I get a replacement for that ones that no working.

No the 3 Phones is working like described above.

Many thanks for the explanation! I am one of those new Fairphone 2 owners that experience reboots once per day or so.

Is the Fairphone OS version 18.02.0 the software update that you are talking about?

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Also experiencing random reeboots, though I noted a pattern: it happens often when using some apps like Facebook, Messenger or Google Maps. Seldomly when phone gets a slight shock… This can get very problematic when using the GPS function on the road for instance… waiting for the update impatiently :smiley: Also need confirmation that the update is not out yet. Thanks!

Feb. 6 …

Feb. 8 …


That’s not something that software will fix. You might have better luck with the tip linked from the troubleshooting guide (spoiler: a small bit of bit of paper/cardboard added to the battery compartment to help keep the battery firmly in place):


After 3 days without any random reboot I think I can make a summary of my path to stability. As usual with reboots, diagnosing can be frustrating due to multiple causes for misbehavior. Most of the problems were caused by the Facebook app or by old implementations of microG & Xposed. Once I reinstalled the latest frameworks, made sure that everything was working perfectly, and got rid of the Facebook app, the phone became stable.

The Aix Weather app doesn’t appear to cause reboots, differently from what I stated previously. It was Titanium Backup that was causing easily reproducible System UI crashes during scheduled backups overnight, messing up with many apps including Aix Weather. Those System UI crashes appear to be another potential source of reboots, so replacing Titanium with My Backup solved my remaining problems (updated the wiki with this information).

Thanks to all for the wiki info and other suggestions.


My FP2 is considered to be stable (enough), but just a few minutes ago it rebooted when I tried to answer to an SMS message…

When it was up again, it said there was a special update available… Timing!

Thanks for all the effort, folks. Keep up the good work.


The ‘Special Update’ Douwe was referring to has now indeed been released.

The release notes are essentially:

Adjust memory interface parameters for the updated memory package in phones produced in or after Q3 2017.

Full release notes for regular Fairphone OS versions:

Release notes for this specific Fairphone Open release are here.


This seems to have fixed my most recurrent reboot reason: using it as a GPS and using Mozilla Stumbler. It just survived a 40m+ trip without any reboots, with that load + playing music, so that’s good.

On the other hand, it keeps rebooting when I connect it to my camera. Given that this reason for rebooting was more consistent, I’m pretty sure it has another cause.

Yes. I expirienced the reboots aswell and since the update I don’t have troubles anymore

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For my FP2, which was delivered in November 2017, it perfectly does resolve the issue. Before the update I could not use 4G without constant reboots. Since the update, there was not a single reboot.


Thanks @Douwe ! After the last software update, no more random reboots :slight_smile:


I have not experienced any reboots since the special update!

That is a job well done, very happy about it!


Happy to read such good experiences since the 20th february patch. On the contrary, my FP2 is still having as many reboots as before : more than 1200 reboots in total since I received it in september 2017.

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Unfortunately, the special update doesn’t seem to have made any difference to my phone. I’m still experiencing random reboots. This happens at least once per day, sometimes six or more times per day.

I’ve gone through the original phone and two replacement handsets all of which had the same problem. Sadly, I’m going to have to give up on Fairphone 2 at this point and get a different phone. I like what Fairphone is aiming to do and would really like to make it work, but this just isn’t working for me. I hope for others that this issue is fixed and I hope that in future I will be able to get a Fairphone without these problems.

I’m also still struggeling with the rebooting problem. I already had three reboots today.
This is my second device because my first one was replaced a few moth ago (having the same reboot problem and a defect touch screen).

Even though I love the idea of the fairphone and I wished it would work perfectly, I also got to a point where I can’t stand it any longer and I have to give it back. This is too much of a struggel.

Wow, that’s a lot.
I guess it’s the reading fromthe hiccup app (or do you keep a list :wink: ).
My FP2 has had 495 crash-reports in two years time. That’s something I can deal with, even though there are some days or hours, when the phone is rebooting over and over again just minutes apart.

Your phone really seems broken and you should contact support for a replacement (#contactsupport); unless you have installed an app causing those reboots, that is.
I guess, you already tried the troubleshooting guide: Phone stability and the #rebootsguide (as it is mentioned even in the title of this topic).

I keep my fingers crossed for you.


Yes I did and I identified apps who are “at risk” : for instance using “Bike Citizens” especially with “Ping” on bluetooth (but also without and any bike app, actually), using “Player FM” and keeping it with the screen switched on, of course “Google Maps”… Another risk factor identified for an imminent reboot is heating of the back cover (but they can also occur with normal temperatures). And sometimes it occurs at 05:02 AM like this morning (the rebooting vibrations woke me up!) without any obvious reasons. It can occur with or without SIMs, with or without SD card, with or without 4G, with GPS on or off. Nothing changed with the recent patch. I can live with those reboots but I still have my 2010 iPhone 4 in a corner, ready to be re-used despite its small screen default if they become too troublesome. Still hoping for another patch, though.

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