FP2 random reboots - see #rebootsguide for help

Yes, it does.
I doesn’t seem to be something with the hardware, at least something I can control: cover on/off, pressure on cover, just lying on its back, etc.
Nor does it seem to do with software I installed: it did it from the first minute we unpacked it.

You’ll find some more tipps for random reboots in the forum but it might be a real hardware defect, so you must first contact customer support (the phone number is on the bottom of the page) for getting the RMA number or they describe a similar process for “dead-on-arrival” in this article.

I made a small timelapse video just now. https://youtu.be/Mu144BgNbJk

@Ardjan: To avoid tuplicate threads I moved your post and answers here.

There are many different known causes and lots of possible solutions - you can find them all in the top post of this thread. If none of them works you’ll have to contact support to get your faulty device replaced.

I have a very simmilar problem. My FP2 constantly reboots itself. I’ve just received it this very weekend. What can I do?

Take off the case. If it still reboots, do as the topic title says and see the first post for workarounds.

If it works without the case, I will assume you have the new slim case (which comes in several parts instead of the old one-part bumper case) and the power button probably gets stuck somehow.
If so, you can easily fix this yourself or contact Fairphone support to exchange the case …

I’ve got my FP2 3 weeks ago, installed FP Open OS right away, super phone, love it. Except it reboots randomly once or twice a day. I did the compulsory steps so far. It is clearly the 4G baseband. It never reboots on 3G or WiFi. I have one sim card in slot 1. The network is Vodafone Hungary (probably Huawei infra). The phone is up-to-date. My next step would be to ask for a new SIM. Do we really think that getting a new SIM can solve this? My SIM is 2 year old and was working on 4G without a problem in an Xperia Z1 Compact for 2 years. I’m tempted to think that if there was any electrical contact problem, it would be present also in 3G mode…

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I can agree, switching off 4G stops the crash/reboots.

Is anyone working on this issue?



Sorry. I mean: Yes. Random Reboots are being worked on since the FP2 came out smartphones exist.

Yea, i see it - and i believe there happens already a lot.
I ment in together with 4G.
Could we help, e.g. logging something or so.

If you want to you can go to Settings > Maintenance and enable the “Hickup” tool. It will send anonymous reports to FP for every random reboot.

Justing Open 17.10.2 - there is no Hickup.

Someone wrote above that Hiccup was removed from FP2 Open some time ago.

Oh I didn’t realize, sorry.

Well, @chrmhoffmann is asking Lineage OS users to upload the last_ksmg file (whatever that is) after a reboot happens, maybe some FPOOS users are able to make some use of the infos in that file too. Or you could ask FP support if it helps them if you send the file.
I wonder why hickup was droppen in Open OS?

I’m working on getting more data about the 4g reboot. I already have one last_kmsg The problem that the reboot is very infrequent. Now I see that it is not happening at all when the phone is at the same location. You need to move e.g. with a car. I suspect that some kind of coverage change, switch from 4g to 3g and back can trigger it. As soon as I have more logs, I will report it in the bugtracker.


Hi all

Question, i have since the new OpenOS update 17.11.2 radom reboots.
I found on system/app/…the apk shoutdownlistener.apk. It is installed, but how can i read any results?

Thanks for help.

Greetings ivi

Here is the bug report with last_kmsg on 4g random reboots: https://bugtracker.fairphone.com/project/fairphone-fairphone-os-android-6/issue/86
Please upvote if you are affected!

Iam back on 17.10.2 and no reboots anymore…
Measuret it with the APP reboot logger.

Greetings ivi

Hi all,

I’m experiencing spurious reboot when running some common application (twitter, Clash of Clans, …).

I’m not the only one having this problem, but none of the workarounds I found in the forum helps: removed SD card, disable 4G, upgrade…

Currenlty running Fairphone OS 17.11.2: Android 6.0.1, kernel 3.4.0.

One of the things I notice is that the phone is, sometimes, really hot in the back. I installed cpu-Z and most of the sensors report a temperature between 55 and 60.

So, I’d like to ask if that temperature is high and it could be the cause for the reboots or I have to look other things.

I got the phone one month ago… :frowning:

Thanks in advance,

Hi all,

yesterday, while watching some videos I saw that the temperature raised to 70ºC and the phone was burning in the back, next to the camera. is it normal?