FP2 random reboots - see #rebootsguide for help

Fairphone is very transparent in terms of where the phone comes from and where the money goes. If you look at the cost breakdown for the Fairphone 2, you’ll note that they need to sell 140,000 phones per year to stay financially independent. So that’s a slight hint of what their financial situation looks like and in such a state.

A good idea and transparency does not automatically make a perfect product. To some extend, even Fairphone has to make compromises and so did we when we bought this phone. According to Fairphone there are only four people in charge of the support, where tickets reach them from all over Europe. That is a heavy work load in my opinion.

If your complaint is justified, it will be handled accordingly, I’m certain about that. But instead of raging, remind yourself that you want to support the idea. And every single step, however small, can help to do that if it is in the right direction:

Helping people in the forum, exchanging experiences, giving detailed information about bugs, hardware errors, suggestions for improvements, searching and thinking before posting (to prevent duplicate posts and unnecessary support e-mails) etc. - all this helps to improve the product and push the project.


A few more days of testing and I have narrowed it down to the screen. The reboots only happen when it is on for a long time. I tried today to use navigation in google maps while the screen was off and it never rebooted. A few hours later writing a post here in the forum it hang and reboot.

well i hope it’s a software issue
cus if not they will have to get back ALL the phones to repair or replace

I [quote=“BGDHL, post:321, topic:11553”]
A few more days of testing and I have narrowed it down to the screen.

This. Since last week, I have some problems including that there is one line on screen which always recognizes a double input. Moreover, from time to time the whole phone is unusable because of random touch input. This can be workarounded by bending the phone a little. In my opinion the screen to board connection is badly designed. And this all leads to a screen problem for the whole phone.

I have some experimental theories, which say that the problems people have with the FP2 depend on the direction they bend it (display to thigh vs flipped if it is e.G. in a jeans pocket). :stuck_out_tongue:

Are we discussing two different things here? I had some problems now that my SIM cards were suddenly getting locked and had to enter the PIN. I have not seen the phone rebooting, even if I first thought that this is the (in)famous reboot issue. This happened about 4 times this morning and now it’s gone. Note - I have 2 different providers for the cards, so I cannot believe it’s some 3G/4G problem.
This SIM locking was also not related to any software upgrade, I have installed 1.5.1 since it was released, without any problems.
Also had no problems before with previous releases.
So I would also tend to go looking for connector problems - either by mechanical stress or maybe by thermal or humidity conditions.

For your issues, have a look at this:

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Thanks. Was not aware that we have this kind of issue, too - I was just following the wrong threads … Sorry.

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Right now i’m getting close to 3 Weeks with no reply from support and the Issues are getting worse, just had some Reboot-loops and the Google Music app seems to skip, pause or reverse music once the Sim reconnects, the chrome browser restarts every 10 seconds or so, i just wish i could help with this issue, has someone already tried clocking the cpu and gpu down to cap performance? Maybe it’s the Battery after all :slight_smile:

they seem to be kinda busy
i also get no answers yet

but as i said, i hope its just the software, cus if it’s not, we got some work to do^^

My FP2 has rebooted around 20 times today , it reboots and then I try to unlock the screen and it does it again. Took the battery out for a bit and it seems to work now, unless I try to use Google Maps, WhatsApp, Facebook or basically any other app I want to use. Not sure what to do about this!

Try: switch the location service to off or battery saving and observe your phone.


battery saving actually reduces the rate of reboots
but i think we want results^^

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Den Fehler mit dem zufälligen Reboot kenne ich auch.
Ich verwende Fairphone OS 16.06.0 benutze zwei SIM-Karten und verwende das FP" relativ häufig zur Navigation (Wandern, Radfahren, Auto).
2-3 mal in der Woche kommt es dann zu einem willkürlichen Reboot oder das FP2 “friert” ein.
Nach dem Einfrieren hilft nur noch Schutzhülle entfernen, Batterie entnehmen, Batterie wieder einsetzen, Schutzhülle montieren und Neustart.
Alles im allen sehr nervig.
Bis jetzt konnte ich keine nachvollziehbare Ursache finden.

Das FP2 sollte auch neu starten, wenn man lang genug auf den Power-Knopf drückt.

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Das mit dem Power-Knopf funktioniert eben leider nicht. Das FP2 reagiert
dann nur noch auf Batterie raus / rein.

Auch nicht wenn du den Knopf ca. 10-15 Sekunden lang gedrückt haltest?

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After more days of testing I have seen that using wifi only for a day made the issue entirely go away. I could surf and play games hour after hour without having any reboot.

Today I started using the mobile data again and after a few minutes surfing the forum the phone frooze and rebooted. Location was turned off today but on during wifi-testing.

EDIT: After the reboots this morning I tested wifi-only again and had another reboot after 10-15 minutes so I guess that rules it out… Maybe it was a one time only occation that the phone worked for more then 24h :confused:

Hi, I would like to report a similar problem. I have my FP2 since January, and have had no major issues apart from some rare screen flickering and reboots. Nothing that bothered me too much. Over the past couple of weeks, the random reboots happen more often. I also get more frequent screen flickers. And finally I have to reenter the pin for my sim card more often. Does this have to do with the last software update? I am not super worried yet, but I wanted to share the experience, hoping that it helps raising attention to the issue. Will mention this to the support team as well.

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Maybe tweaking with location services helps as a workaround. Have a look at this:


I’m linda from Italy
I am trying to solve my phone problems…but since I got it it never worked properly.

I received it on July 4th.

As several problems but the most disturbing on is of course the impossibility to call.