FP2 random reboots - see #rebootsguide for help

SIM is new, SDcard is new…:frowning: and I’m fed up…


When it crashes with incoming calls, did xou already check this: FP2 random reboots - see #rebootsguide for help

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You mean changing the ringtone location? Yes…

Had my FP2 for about a month now with random reboots almost every day. Have tried taking the only sim in and out, same with the batttery, opting for 3G only - but nothing changes. I do not (yet) have an SD card.
I have emailed FP who replied saying to expect a response within 8 working days - that came and went last Friday March 4th.
I don’t find the forum easy to navigate, despite being an experienced forum user on other sites.
I am not clear if and when the aforementioned update will help and what it entails for me as a customer.
I am beginning to lose trust in FP, their (lack of) communications, and of course the product. Of course I want to support their aims in producing a fairly manufactured phone, but I do want a functioning phone too.

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My first device did approximately one reboot per day. I could live with that.

Unfortunately I sent the device back because of camera problems. With my second device the camera seems to be fine, but I have reboots on an hourly basis. This sucks, I would prefer to keep the first device and never shoot videos.

The 4G deactivation did not help. I still need to experiment with changing SIM slots, removing SD cards, etc. But basically I am just waiting for the big magic update.


Turning off 4G did not solve the issue for me. This morning the phone reset itself again while it sat unused and 4G was off. The phone hasn’t reset itself during a call (yet). The sporadic reboots during use are irritating, but the reboots while the phone is idle are completely unacceptable.

@keesj: Have you made any progress in identifying the cause(s) of this issue? There was a comment in the 1.2.6 beta tester thread indicating that the reboots still persist. If true that would be very disheartening. I assume there will be no more major changes to the release candidate, so would a software fix for the issue (assuming it is a software issue) have to wait until the next update after 1.2.6?

This issue is really starting to bother me, I was really looking forward to nice upgrade from my previous phone. The FP2 hardware is nice sure, but together with all the other nuisance issues the user experience has a bitter aftertaste.

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@bjensen, Please be aware that the beta testing group is a closed group. Please keep the discussion inside that group.

As stated we know there are different issues and we certainly fixed the major problem, in the field testing needs to follow. If you are still having reboot after the update please contact support so we can replace the phone for investigation/warranty.

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I am not a member of the beta testing group. I was referencing a post by community moderator @paulakreuzer that has since been redacted. I think this highlights the problem that I, and I assume others here, have about this problem. There is a lack of communication on behalf of the fairphone team. I wrote the support team, but other an auto generated email there has been radio silence. There used to be a link to this thread in the list of known bugs check before you post thread, which has since been removed. There is no mention in the Fairphone 2 software issue report.

Again where is this officially stated? I would really recommend that you update the software issue report, seeing as the next release is close to being finalized anyways.

And how long can I expect to wait here? A month? Two? Q3?

I am getting a bit anxious here as my cooling off period is coming to a close very soon, and I am not sure i want to put up with with a phone that reboots daily, while inactive no less, for the next couple of months (or longer). I wouldn’t tolerate it if my notebook had such a flaw, why should i tolerate my phone having the same flaw?


I have some reboots which seems to happen when the sim card goes to roaming. Unfortunately I live next to the boarder so this happened a low when I am at home and sometimes it is flickering etc etc. If I take the sim card out my phone works again, but isn’t there another better option?

Is it in the 2nd SIM slot by any chance? There’s a known issue for which a fix will be provided:

The phone crashes when there is only a roaming SIM card in the second slot
Symptoms: The phone crashes with the error message “Unfortunately the process com.android.phone has stopped.” when the second SIM slot holds a roaming SIM and there is no SIM card in the first slot.
Workaround: Use the first SIM slot when you only have one SIM card and it is roaming.

(From the software report)


ok, great I have moved the sim card to the first slot. HOw does it works when you have two simcards? Since I will get my second simcard soon and there is always the change of roaming of the simcard in the second slot. (as I mentioned, living close to the border…)

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Don’t worry! The problem only occurs when slot 1 is empty. I have two SIM cards and SIM2 is almost always on roaming. I’ve never had any problems.

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hello fp community, so i tested my favorite gps without charging my fp2, and its not rebooting as often,
1/10 ! so i believe they r is a problem while charging battery and gps waze,

After "1 month, 3 days: 3 reboots.

After the last reboot my Fairphone told me that the Fairphone Launcher had stopped working. Perhaps the launcher is the culprit that triggers the reboots?

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Installing another launcher would be quick test. As far as I know there are no official debugging procedures posted here in this forum. A kernel log/adb catlog of such a reboot would be nice.

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I have been using my new Fairphone 2 for 3 days.
The phone has rebooted randomly 10 or 15 times per day. Not every time, but in many cases I have seen the screen flickering before a reboot.

I have made a hard reset. Let’s see what happens.
I will use my old phone until the problem is solved, so I am a bit disappointed…

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Next step on my investigations :slight_smile:

And greetings from Roma! I tried the following:

Switch data to 3g - - > great reduction of force closees
Let go phone off one time due to empty battery + enable roaming for both sim cards - - > no crash in three days so far :raised_hands:

I will investigate further.

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Hi keesj, just wondering - will the potential fix for random reboots be part of the update that will result from RC 1.2.6? Relly hope to see this problem fixed soon, I love my Fairphone, but this issue is really frustrating…


@ilja_v the random reboot issue is THE issue we are currently working on and is delaying the release since what now feels forever.

The fixes we introduced in 1.2.6 are a huge improvement but we also have had a negative impact for some users.With the yet unreleased 1.2.8 version things should be better (for everybody) but getting proof we are not affecting yet unaffected users is a difficult task.