FP2 proximity sensor not reliably turning off screen during calls - See first Post for Workarounds

There’s also a way to recalibrate the sensor in 1.5.1 - it’s mainly been brought up as a fix for people who’s phone doesn’t properly detect when the sensor is uncovered (which you seem to also be describing). There’s instructions in the first post of the topic linked below, in case you want to try:

Thank you, but does it only work for 1.5.1?
I use FP Open OS 16.07 and it doesn’t… the calibration up just does not start.

The calibration is not yet included in FP Open OS updates. I’m waiting for it as well.

I’m also waiting for the calibration tool in FP Open. The phone was completely fine for a while and suddenly last week I also start having this issue. I hope it’ll be solved soon :slight_smile:


several time happened while I was calling when I wanted to end the call I had a bleak screen nothing worked neither screen nor buttons

Since FP OSOS 16.09 the calibration tool is available and since I recalibrated the sensor using the tool, it works as it should.
Go to Settings > Maintenance > Proximity sensor to find the tool.

I have had the problem, too. After reading about this mentioned function (Settings > Maintenance > Proximity sensor, in the German version: Einstellungen, Wartung, Näherungssensor) the proximity sensor has been newly calibrated, and the problem has gone! :slight_smile:

Everything’s fine now!!

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Even after running the calibration tool (settings > maintenance > proximity sensor) for several times on my brand new FP2 the problem of NOT turning off the screen during calls prevailed. I am on Fairphone OS 1.8.1.

The solution that solved this for me:

  • run the calibration tool (settings > maintenance > proximity sensor)
  • step 1: hold my flat hand over the area of the sensor without touching the phone, distance ~2cm, (instead of covering the sensor completely with a finger as instructed by the tool) like this:
  • step 2/3 as instructed by the tool

Using the app Sensors as recommended by fairphone support here I verified that the point at which the proximity readout switches from 5cm to 0cm was further away (at about 2-3 cm and not like before at about 0-1cm).

Now the display is switching off when I hold the phone close to my ear (without even touching my ear/face at all) and switching back on when I take the phone away from my face. Before I had to press the phone against my face in a very certain angle which I now luckily don’t have to worry about anymore.


When using the Fairphone 2 for phonecalls the screen stays active. This makes it really hard to have proper phone conversations as other functions are being (de)activated and it has happened more than once my ear has ended a phonecall…

Please check out the support article linked in the first post

I have really a lot of problems with the proximity sensor. While making a phonecall, may fairphone doea various things, like switching on the flashlight, turning into mute, calling someone, showing the battery charge … calibrating the proximity sensor does not help. This problem is really annoying, because first of all i need a phone.

I’ve moved your post to this topic, as it’s more relevant to the issue you’re describing and you may have better luck using the method described above.

A post was merged into an existing topic: FP2 Screen can’t be reactivated during/after calls - See first post for Workarounds

A post was merged into an existing topic: FP2 Screen can’t be reactivated during/after calls - See first post for Workarounds

It was good to see this as it takes us to how to calibrate the sensor, i am sure this calibration has helped in my case. Thank you!

Continues here:

Same problem on Fairphone 2 and no long hair!

Operator is Vodafone UK

Reopening topic as sensor calibration tool is working again.

I’ve moved your post as things are different on the FP2. There’s a tool to calibrate the sensor that detects whether you’re holding the phone next to your face or not. Follow the instructions in the troubleshooter for ‘Display > My Display stays on during a call’. If the calibration tool doesn’t solve it, the troubleshooter will suggest what else to try.


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