FP2 - Pictures Gallery

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I want my FP2s camera-firmware back. the improvements of the last update are shown here:

White: daylight

white: cloudy

white: auto

Last Picture from my Canon Powershot SX200 with white: daylight
This is how my garden looks in reality …
Please don’t tell me anything about white-balances: I’m camaeraman …




Anyone missing a car since a few months?



Open Camera unedited


Example of influence of Photo-Mode DRO

FP2, OpenCamera, white bikes in the darkness.

Photo-Mode Normal

Photo-Mode Normal + Flash

Photo-Mode DRO, no flash

DRO stands for Dynamic Range Optimizer and levels out darker and brighter areas of the photo.


FP2 unedited. Google camera.


Unedited picture of one of our cats, and a proof that the quality can also be good in the evening with just regular artificial inside light. Used Google Camera.


A quick snapshot of the sunrise, as seen from my bike last week
Open Camera, unedited


Some shots on a spring walk near Lake “Schweriner Außensee”.


Impressive art on someones house wall. Unmodified with standard FP2 app.


Looks like a DumDum…:laughing:

@Stefan are there any results available?


Results on what? :thinking:


I thought of a general overview or so…maybe…:confused:


Oh, that was a special contest during #efct16 :


Thanks, anyway nice to see more.


The original pictures made with the panorama option can be improved a lot during post-production !

三里屯SOHO, Beijing. FP2 Google panorama edited with Lightroom.

No blurry panorama app

FP2, OpenCamera (unedited)


NYP campus, Singapore

NYP campus, Singapore

HDB housing in Singapore (OpenCamera)


Your pictures look a little yellowish but could be my phone display. Besides that - nice city views.