FP2 : pictures blurred, pictures disappearing; not possible to answer call

Hello !
I’ve got different problems with my FP2. With the last update (around 3 months), I have problems taking pictures; the phone can’t read old pictures I have taken; I can’t answer a call anymore.
About the picture’s problem : I can take picture but they aren’t stocked anymore or I don’t know where. So I don’t know how to see them after I’ve taken them. The only possibility for me is to take picture with What’s app.
All my old pictures are blurred (read with Photos (google). Is there another program to read them ?
Finally, since the last update (21.05.0-rel.1), everytime I’ve got a call, my phone rings but doesn’t offer me the possibility to answer. I have to wait till people stop calling me and have to call them back.
Is there a way to fix all these problems ? Is it possible to uninstall this update ?
Thanks for your help


Hello !
Thanks to an old answer from Johannes, I can answer again to call.


Regarding the issue with the pictures. Are you using a SD card and how is integrated, as mobile/external or as internal storage?

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You can manually install the old OS version to “downgrade” but it’s probably better to find ways to fix your problems. Hope you’ll find solutions for everything as you’ve found one for the phone calls…

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