FP2 - PC connection - going back to Fairphone OS


I installed Fairphone Open OS a few month ago and would like to go back to Fairphone OS (several applications don’t work on Fairphone Open OS, I need mapsme, cloudcal, … for work)

I found the procedure on the FP website (https://code.fairphone.com/projects/fp-osos/user/fairphone-open-source-os-going-back.html) but I need to connect my fairphone to my PC … and I can’t manage to do it, when I pu the cable, the FP charges but does not connect with the PC. I tried with several cables but nothing works…

How can I do ?
I already backed up all my data, and did a reset factory, but I didn’t intalled the google services …

Thanks !

Did you start your phone into fastboot as mentioned in the documentation?

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Yes, well I used another computer and it worked perfectly fine :slight_smile:
I should have try it before posting this comment !

Thanks anyway, the Fairphone documentation is really great, easy to use and to understand !
I have now a phone totally functional :slight_smile:

Thanks !


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