FP2 OS Arabic language

Is FP2 OS available in Arabic?

I’m not an expert on languages but the alphabetical list of languages on my FP2 starts with B. There are some languages on the end of the list that start with characters that don’t exist in the roman alphabet, but none of them seem Arabic to me.

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I’m wondering why your list of languages starts with a B, since the first one on my FP2 running FP OS 1.5.2 is Catalan. But indeed, there’s no Arabic. There is one language at the bottom though which I fail to recognise even with some Wikipedia help.

Mine also starts with Catalan, and no, FP2 OS it not in العربية
Why do you ask?
I am writing Arabic often, and it works fine with SwiftKey keyboard Arabic on any android os :slight_smile:

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