FP2 operating temperature range?

I couldnt find any information on the operating temperature range of Fairphone 2. That is, the temperatures above and below which I shouldnt use my phone. Most of all Im interested of the minimum harmless temperature I can use FP2 with. I would presume FP2 can endure less coldness than non-modular smartphones.

Does anyone know anything?

Usually any touchscreen is unusable as you approach 0°C if this any guide.

If that is true than the FP2 has an unusual touchscreen. I used it this Winter at -10° without problems. Only the battery didn’t like it.

I would like more official information. Usually devices have a technical specifications sheet when you buy it. Some boring really technical one. Like max and min operating and storage temperatures, humidity, pressures. Where can i find this information?

Seems this community doesn’t know … did you contact the company already?

Thanks. No i didnt. Do you know how to best approach contacting them?

Pinging @Monica.Ciovica … Could Fairphone shed some light on this and include it in the technical specifications given online? …

Hi @fairpenguin,
As my colleagues tell me, there are 2 main factors related to temp: operating temp and storage temp. The recommended/optimal temp. when you actually use your phone is between 0-35C, you can use it in lower temp. ,but you should expect degradation in performance. Storage temp. (when the phone is not used at all) can be -20-55C.


Thanks a lot. Exactly what I was looking for.


Yes, thanks for the info. Turned off my phone right after I read it.

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:laughing: Made my evening.

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