FP2 OpenOS crashes several times daily

This phone has never been particularly stable, but it seems to be getting a lot worse. It reboots more or less randomly, several times daily. Often I haven’t touched the phone for some time, for example in the middle of the night. That last case is particularly bad. It won’t boot until I enter my PIN, meaning that I sleep through my alarm.

I can tell it’s about to reboot because it becomes very slow and unresponsive. Also it gets noticeably hot. Clearly it’s due to a rogue process thrashing the CPU or memory or something.

Certain apps will reliably kill it within about ten minutes. Taobao, Facebook, and Alipay are the worst. But Firefox and Wikipedia often have the same effect. K9, Mnemosyne, Shuttle, FBReader all seem fine. This suggests it’s a web view component that’s to blame.

I’ve seen other people being advised to selectively uninstall apps to figure out which one is the problem. That’s impractical here since there’s so many apps and I’d have to wait several days between each trial to be sure it worked. I’d sooner buy an iphone.

I’m running Xposed/Xprivacy. That could well be a factor. Obviously I’m not willing to try removing Xprivacy to see if that helps. Again, sooner buy an iphone.

What I’d really like is some kind of diagnostics to help figure out exactly what’s happening. Something that continuously records CPU and memory usage of each app. I’ve tried using the Battery page in settings, but it’s almost useless. It always shows 60-70% of battery usage as “miscellaneous”.

Apparently there is such a thing as “Hiccup” on the Google version of Fairphone. But that’s not included in OpenOS. Are there any alternatives?

Working with the theory that it’s a web view problem, perhaps there’s some stray shared cookies or certs or something I need to clear out? It’s safe to assume I don’t have some idiot trying to mine monero on my core web view components, right? (Right?)

Please read the #rebootsguide and continue in the topic linked there to avoid duplicates.

If you are using the standard fb app delete it and get an alternative. Fb is well known to cause reboots among other issues.