FP2 - one of the first, rather bad condition. Darmstadt/Germany


Offering my FP2:
-Old Camera modules
-Broken Display, Touch working except for the rightmost edge
-Still the first battery, but i had acceptable battery life with lineageOS.

Troubles started with nearly no mobile reception, so i replaced the antenna(bottom right on the back side). That helped, but my old Xperia phone has still better reception especially when moving (train rides).
I could replace the display. A friend of mine has offered me one for 50€, but now that i am using my old phone for some weeks i realise that its still doing better than the FP2. At least with LineageOS.
If you want, i can get you the display for 50€ in early January

Contact me if you are interested or if you have any questions. Tank you!

Wie ist denn Deine Preisvorstellung?


What is your price and are you willing to ship abroad?