FP2 old battery recycling

Hi all,
I recently replaced my FP2 battery with a new one. My question is :
Does a recycling or re-employing chain exist for such old FP2 batteries (it is not fully dead, but its autonomy is now very short…) ? If yes, where can I send it ?


In Germany (and I guess that goes for the whole EU) everyone who sells batteries is obliged to take back used batteries, too. That means that for instance supermarkets have boxes where you can dispose not only non-rechargeable but also rechargeable batteries. For such smartphone batteries you are often required to isolate the contacts by sticking some tape over them so that they cannot be short-circuited by other batteries in that box. The batteries collected in that way are supposed to be recycled and you don’t need to send your battery anywhere by post.

Hope that helps,


Imagine this would work for other things too: Every company that sells clothes is obliged to take them back and recycle them, every company that sells electronics or single-use plastic too. The world would be so much better.


Thanks for your answer. For sure this exist also in France. My question was more to ask if Fairphone had a specific recycling chain for its batteries, given Fairphone engagement for sustainable business…
But if not, I will put it in a dedicated container for sure.


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