FP2: No internet (two SIM enabled with mobile data, WIFI enabled but not at home)

I have the following issue:

When I am not at home at the first time internet works - and suddenly it does not work (no messanger infos, no browsing in the internet, no mails, …).

I have two SIM activated in the FP2.
Both SIM have mobile data activated

There are several workarounds possible:
Workaround 1: When I reboot the FP2 it works again
Workaround 2: When I switch off WIFI it works again

Does any one have the same issue?
How can I fix this issue?
Will there be an update for the FP2 in future which will fix this issue?

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Did you set one SIM to 2G and the other to 3/4G? As you can’t have internet on both SIM’s on the same time.
Do you see an exclamation markbesides the Wi-Fi-icon, as mentioned Wifi reconnection problem exclamation mark after reconnecting. If so switching to flight mode and back seems to work.

Lidwien: Thank you for your answer.

The question with the exclamation mark is an other issue - but here is the answer:
Sometimes I also got the exclamation mark besides the Wi-Fi-icon (but only at home) and I can get rid of the exclamation mark by first disabling Wi-Fi and mobile data and then switching Wi-Fi back on and after that mobile data connection.
But: for me this is not a solution because I dont want to care about this - it has to work without manually help from me.

Now the answer for the 2/3/4G question:
First I had selected on SIM 1: 4G and on SIM 2: 2G (not changable) -> this does not work
Since today I selected on SIM 2: 3G and on SIM 2: 2G -> I have to test if this will work

I know that I can not have internet on both SIM’s on the same time. But: this issue also happens with only one SIM activated. And I think, that the FP2 handles automatically which SIM it will use for internet because there is the area “Sim-Cards” where I specified the PREFERRED SIM for internet connection - meaning: if the preferred SIM has no internet the FP2 will automatically change to the other SIM card.

So there is no solution at the moment which fixes the issue without repeatingly manually help from me.

I have a similar problem. …
I have in my phone 2 SIM-cards - one for business (SIM 1) and one for private (SIM 2). Both have got mobile data access, but I only use my private one for that, because of the all-in-contract.
If I’m not using WI-FI I’m complete offline. I checked all settings in “SIM cards”, “Data usage” and “Mobile networks”. Everything is enabled. But I noticed, that SIM 1 has “Preferred network type”: 4G/3G/2G and SIM 2 has only 2G. If I switch the slots, my private SIM has still 2G and the business 4-2G. I checked the SIM in FP1 and here is everything normal and functional as it should be - with FP2 not!!
In the meantime I’m quite shirty and desperate :weary:

Only 1 SIM can be set to recieve data.
You can the 4G/3G/2G to the SIM that you want.
Could it be that your SIM is to old? As this was the problem with some other users.

The 4G setting may follow the SIMs, rather than be set to a SIM slot. There’s a software toggle to decide which SIM gets the 4G connection, it should be somewhere in the settings - look for ‘Mobile networks’, probably under more (sorry fro not being more specific, don’t have an FP2 right now…).

Thanks you both. Silly me :innocent: :
@Lidwien I got a new SIM because of the required size, so I had to do some settings in the “Access point names” for my data connection.
@Johannes I didn’t get the change of the connection decision.
Thanks again for the tips. :+1: Now I’m online.