FP2 network disconnecting many times a day

hi, recently my FP2 OS 17.06.4 is disconnecting from network many times a day (I get the impression it’s when I’m moving but I’m not sure it’s a good reason).
So each time I need to go to Settings / Mobile Network and ask to search available networks. It takes time (like at least 15/20 seconds) to give all networks available and I have to select the network manually - for me SFR (the option choose automatically a network doesn’t work anymore).
Thank you for your help.

Hi Judithju,

do you mean the network symbol is not filled out any more but you see only the non-filled triangle and it doesn’t come back after a few seconds or how do you detected your phone is disconnected?

And do you mean, before you didn’t have to take care but now unless you use network search and choose your operator manually you are actually disconnected from the network, especially when you move?

Are you roaming in France or why are you using this menu? Normally in your country your provider doesn’t let you choose another operator anyway (there are exceptions, though)?!?

Hi Amber,
Many thanks for your answer.
Yes the symbol network is not filled out and I can’t receive or give call / sms etc…, and it stays unfilled until I go to the network menu and choose SFR again.
Exactly, I never took care about this before, network was on (with the triangle symbols)…
I’m roaming in France and I’m not close to any border. I got to use the network enu because I needed to get network back and I found this was a way to to it. (by the way I didn’t even try to choose another operator but the phone says which operator .network it can detect.).
Thanks again.

Hi Judithju,

you are roaming in France? Like your SIM card is from some other country (international roaming)? Or your french provider lets you choose different mobile networks in France (national roaming)? Or did I confuse you with the word roaming and your SIM is from SFR?

In the latter case I have no idea what could be the reason. For international roaming, I find it sometimes quite difficult to roam especially in France. Unlike in Belgium where I don’t have issues, in France my phone usually does not connect itself but I have to search manually. Last time, I have simply switched my two SIM cards in their slots. It sounds somehow silly, but my issues were gone afterwards.

Hope that helps in your case, too?

Hi Amber.
My Sim card is from SFR. (I got confused with roaming)
so… I might try to switch change sim card form slot 1 to slot 2…
Many thanks for your answers.

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