FP2: my SD card remains empty

I used to have my SD card configured as an internal capacity. More than one year ago I’ve turned it into external capacity and it is recognized as such by the system but it is not used by the phone. It remains empty. How can I make the phone use this external storage for pictures or whatever?

It won’t be used automatically. Some apps allow to use the card as the default storage, but you will need to choose this in their settings (if they offer such an option). I think Fairphone’s default camera app does not allow this though, and frankly I don’t remember which other measures need to be taken to make this work with other camera apps like Open Camera.

However, you can manually move files or folders to the SD card yourself right away. Use the “Files” app or Settings > Storage or a file manager app of your choice to copy or move data from the internal storage to the card.


Thank you ! I’ll try this as soon as I can.