FP2 must be unlocked while at home, Smart Lock malfunctioning?

My FP2 was one of the unlucky frequently rebooting lot, but after the last update, it became lovely stable. Gosh, that was a relieve!
I don’t know if it is related, but in the last few weeks I noticed that I had to unlock my phone even when I was at home. I had instructed Smart Lock to leave my phone open at home, and from the start it acted likewise. But suddenly it wanted my “signature” every time I had laid it aside for a while.

As keeping it unlocked is related to the position, which is dependant on Google maps, I fiddled with the trusted places, updated my position several times, without success. Also, in Location History I switched FP2 to on, but that did not help either.

But it was the proximity finder… See FP2 proximity sensor not reliably turning off screen during calls - See first Post for Workarounds
Much unexpected, but after I re-calibrating the proximity finder, the problem was gone. :crazy_face:

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