FP2 Mobile Network 'unavailable' or 'forbidden' (and Wifi unable to connect too)

Hi all. Help please! For a few days my FP2 has been unable to connect to WiFi - it has forgotten my home and work WiFi passwords and then when I put them in, says ‘failed to save network’ and ‘unable to connect to network.’ This was annoying but OK as I could use 4G mobile data when I needed to.

Last night, I got home after a 45 minute cycle in the cold (this is the only trigger I can think of) and when I got phone out, I could get no network coverage at all. It showed Emergency Calls only / No Network. I manually searched for networks and the available networks all showed (Forbidden) after them, except EE / ecotalk, my usual network, which occasionally appeared. When I tried to connect to manually to it, it could not.

I turned off and took the battery out overnight. This morning rebooted a few times and I can now get a 3G connection sporadically, but no 4G (and 2G is not listed as an option) nor WiFi. Also I am getting frequent messages saying ‘No mobile data - temporarily turned off by your provider’ or simply ‘Network unavailable’ again.

Can anyone help? I have seen a work-around to use 2G but my phone only offers 4G or 3G. Not sure what else to try.

Sounds like bad reception in general … Search results for 'fp2 antenna connectors' - Fairphone Community Forum

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