FP2 mentions "slow charging"

I’ve had my FP2 for just over two years now and started having problems with my battery. It would take ages to charge, until it stopped charging altogether. I assumed my battery was the problem, but I ordered a new one and the charging is still endless + battery goes down real quick.
What I noticed is my FP2 itself signals the fact that the charging is slow. Near the little sign of the battery charging, it says “Rechargement lent en cours” (in french), which would be something like “slow charging in process”.
What does that mean ?
Is the phone signaling a problem with external gear : charger ? cable ? (The speed of the charging used to be much quicker with the exact same charger and cable before)
Or is the phone signaling a problem with an internal component ?

Thank you for your help.

Slow charging means you are charging from a computer, or another device that allows data transfer.

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… and maybe only is reported when connected to a device which just offers 500mA like certain computer-attched USB ports support.

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Have you tried using a different cable and/or charger? Since esp. the cables sometimes break, this would imo be the first test to be done.

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I suggest to clean your USB-Port of the FP2 and remove dust.
Try to make it carefully with a needle and good light to not demage any connectors.
See here, I had much success with my FP1:

Thank you all for your advice.
I was hoping the “slow charging” signal was a way to find out where the pb came from, but indeed I was trying new ways to charge my phone and had connected it to my computer when I noticed this “slow charging in process” signal.
I get the advice with changing chargers, cables and cleaning USB-port. Maybe those moves will result in helping the speed of the battery charging.
I still have trouble understanding why this new battery gets drained so fast (kind of like a pretty old one) and wonder what this could be related to : Is this battery too weak for the new Android update ? Is there a problem between my battery and my phone ? Is there a component that I could change in the phone to improve battery-life ?
Have a good day !
And thanks again,

Newer Android versions have so far improved battery life rather than limiting it (and battery life will be better in 7 than it is now in 6), so there’s no such thing as a battery too weak for a new Android.

If your phone feels hot, I would advise you to take a look at this post which outlines how to deal with excessive CPU usage.

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Hey @AnnS I’m kinda getting the same problem with my phone. New battery, taking ages to charge and draining quite fast. Didi you manage to solve the problem?

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