FP2 makes Noises (when shaking)

Every iPhone has this rattling noise, too!
It´s the adjustable lense of the camera.
so no prob…

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Jesus, have you read ANY of the posts?

And @paulakreuzer: I’m pretty sure most of the people already ruled out the vibration motor by fixating the flywheel.
I just got a reply from the support, saying it’s the display clips and I linked them to this thread again.

In my case it seems to stem from a small wheel visible through the fairphone case somewhat left of the battery close to the bottom. When shaking the phone it slowly turns around. So its definitely loose. I have no idea what is the purpose of this wheel. Anyhow, so far I did not notice any problems because of this rattling noise. I have my fairphone since 2 weeks.

If you mean the thing just above the speaker: That is the weight of the vibration motor.

I see. Thank you for this information.

Yes, I’ve noticed that too and wondered if it was normal…? Does anyone else have this rattle. It makes my phone feel cheap/sound broken. Is there a fix?

I think by reading this thread you will find some answers to your questions. :wink:

Morning, thanks for your reply - yes did read the thread before posting and know it is the vibration fly wheel. My question is whether this is normal and if so, as I find it irrritating, whether there is a fix. What is it used for - just vibration or also speaker function… If just vibration I wonder if I can take it apart or muffle the wheel somehow. Cheers