FP2 LOS 18.1 microG stuck with 2G


I have a FP2 with Lineage 18.1 with microG.

My phone is currently also stuck on Edge-connectivity (“E”). I tried to solve this by contacting the SIM provider, so far without success.
Additionally I have the same problem as described above. I played around with the settings, and switched to 2G, to see if it has any effect. Since then I haven’t been able to switch back to 4G. I can click on it, but nothing changes.

Is this a common issue with FP2? Can somebody please help?


I moved your issue from FP3 topic to its own. Do you use 2 SIM? On the FP2 only one SIM can be set to 4G the other one should be set to 2G


Who is your provider?

Thanks so much,
it’s nice that asking people sometimes (still) helps finding a quick answer.
It worked!

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it’s called simplytel, I think it’s german. But yvmuell’s hint did the trick!


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