FP2: Looking for Bottom Module

Hi everyone,

I have Problems with my Mikrofone, so I’m looking for a new or used bottom Module. Any offers are appreciated! I need shipping to Germany.


Hi Philipp, I live in Berlin and I am selling a new bottom module. I bought it once as a spare part, but don’t think I’ll need it anymore. I would sell it at the normal price plus shipping, or we can meet in Berlin Kreuzberg/Mitte/Neukölln area.

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(normal price = 25€)

Can we buy this botommodule…?

Hi Rabon, am interested to buy your bottom modul as well.
Still available? live in Füssen/Bavaria

Hi, I live in Switzerland and I would also like to purchase a bottom module as my microphone seems to be broken.

Sorry, this bottom module is gone. I may have another one, but will advertise it seperately.

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