FP2 lockscreen, remove micrphone symbol/OK google


I am running my FP2 with android 6.0.1. On the lockscreen (from left to right) there is a mic symbol, a lock and a cmaera symbol. Touching the mic will start ok google which I simply hate. Sometime OK google starts when I put my phone in my pocket. This is highyl irritating.
So my question is symbol: How do I stop that? How do I remove the microphone symbol? I tried deactivating the OK google features without any effect.
I must say I find it highly confusing that there doesn’t seem to be an option to simply modify the lockscreen within the OS-setting.

all the best

No one? It seem to be related to that google mic feature that I don’t need. I just want it to stop. Sometimes when I put my phone in my pocket my music/podcast stops and I hear a beep. It’s really annoying.


Great stuff, man. I’d never have found that on my own

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Yeah, I thinkt that did to the trick. Thanks so much. Finally I can stop screaming at my phone in the subway.

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