FP2, LineageOs 16.0, GPS, Tasker: Why isn't it working?


i wonder whether there’s an issue with tasker on LineageOs 16.0, unifiedLP(noGapps) installed, when tasker should use the results of GPS, wifi and/or network based location-fixes.

I’m trying to set a simple profile, which should send a text to my wife when I’m leaving work. Easy but only it isn’t. Tasker seems to make use of network, GPS or wifi based fixes at best sporadically which results in tasker failing to recognize a position change. Now the first set of questions:

  1. I know, there’ve been some issues with FPOS and FP open. Does anyone experience the same issues with LineageOs?

  2. Does anyone have a tested and found to be working work-around, best to be using network-fixes only.

  3. In General: Are there any issues known to the GPS in fairphone 2? In my observation it takes a lot of time to get an decent GPS fix.

  4. Are there any issues know to the network-fixes?


Well, I’ve been using tasker with network location a lot on LOS16. It was working fine, but I’ve been using gapps. Gps did work reasonable fast also (not as fast as a Samsung, but still a matter of seconds). Be sure to have tasker not battery optimized, and check the settings for checking sensor frequency (network location: did you grant phone permission?)

I thank you very much for your help. Battery optimization is off, tasker has permission to use localisation services as well as phone.

Here’s what I’ve done after deleting all other profiles which include use of location.:

Set up two test profiles

P1: Location --> get location, net only, 30m
Entry: Alarm --> beep1
Exit: Alarm --> beep2

P2: Location --> get (just another, 200m away) location, net only, 30m
Entry: Alarm -->beep3
Exit: Alarm --> beep4

I’ve been testing now with these two Profiles only for some hours. Getting out, walking down the street in different directions, crossing the radius of the localisation on which tasker should get active.

This is what happens:
When logged into wifi, it works like charm, it’s fast and reliable. When switching to GPS: works but quite slow. I was able to cross the whole 30m radius without state change of the profile while walking at a slow pace. Using this while driving would likely end in no change at all ever.

When not logged into wifi and using 2g-4g-network only, it works on occasion if and only if I actively use the phone. On standby, nothing happens. And… as for now it only works with P1 or location 1.

I’ve set location 1 while being on exact that spot. Location 2 was set by pinning on a crossing some 200m away.

Any thoughts?

Hmm, I did not use gps location, only network based. But checkińg preferences, I see the “check gps” is at 600s if display is off, this might be too big for your use case. I know entering a range for enabling wifi based on cell towers for example works very reliably, but I never checked how “accurate” it really is. I guess thats difficult as one does not really know which cell tower the phone selected and when it’s ready for switching to another tower…
You might check https://tasker.joaoapps.com/userguide/en/faqs/faq-problem.html if not done already, but there are some hints using gps

Some observation with network based locations: I also realised that without wifi network location seems to be flaky and take lots of time (contrary to imagination, as cell tower triangulation is used by lots of other sources). Sometimes I couldn’t get a location without wifi on, or not on 4G… As I didn’t need the accuracy you do, I didn’t care too much.

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Thanks again, you’re great.

“Check gps” is set to 120 sec, cell location checks every 30 sec. If display is off, tasker checks every 120 sek.

I don’t need the accuracy, I’m just testing and because I’m lazy, I did not set a radius of say 1km or something. 30m of walk up and down might be boring (and it is…) but I’m not that… eager, to walk 20 minutes to perform one simple test.

Another idea… Are you working in an area with high buildings? This might impede gps a lot. Do you get a gps reading if you check gps with a test program?
If you’re using wlan at work, maybe you want to use disconnect from wlan (probably with a delayed check if reconnected for occasional signal losses) as trigger?


Good Morning,

it works… And I’m very stupid. I forgot, I do have Gapps Pico in my phone. UnifiedNLP(Gapps) plus DéjaVu did the trick.

I think, the topic can be closed. Thank you very mich for your help.


OK… I take it back… no solution.

When I installed UnifiedNLP Gapps, I could open the app and set backends etc. However, I get told, I’m using the wrong UnifiedNLP. So I went to install the xposed repo. Doesn’t work.

Then I came up with the following idea. Under settings --> security and location --> down to the bottom where I find “Google location services” I’d expect find “Unified”, but I don’t. I cannot even find “unified” in a file manager. But I can’t install it from f-droid either.

So, there’s the thing… Now I need a solution, because what I came up with is… wiping the phone, formatting everything and install all new. That will likely take 2 days,

Q 1: Why isn’t, though installed, there any way in the settings to openthe “unified” app?
Q 2: How can I trigger “unified” to have full access to location when I cannot even find it, though it must be installed?
Q 3: I’m using a fully encrypted phone. Are there know issues?

What I’m trying to do next: I take the Unified zip from here: https://github.com/WeAreFairphone/flashable-zip_microG/releases and I will flash it to phone…

Making a good backup up in front

Thanks in advance.


I flashed a new LineageOS 16.0, formatting the system as recommended by the “how to”

I flashed GAPPS pico, too.

I started the phone, installed AFWall+. AdAway, SatStat and Tasker.

Here’s what I found:

  1. UnifiedNLP comes with the system as NOGAPPS. Installing GAPPS results in UnifiedNLP saying, that this does’nt fit for the system. There’s no cell fix.

  2. So I checked SatStat and SatStat is at least able to provide the cell IDs.

  3. I started Tasker and gave the following two profiles.
    P1: Location --> pinpoint a location on the map, network only, 100m
    Entry: Alarm --> beep1
    Exit: Alarm --> beep2
    P2: Location --> pinpoint a 2nd location on the map, 600m away from the center of the first, no overlapping of circles, network only, 100m
    Entry: Alarm -->beep3
    Exit: Alarm --> beep4

  4. When out and away from the first two locations, I made a third profile:
    P3: Location --> “grab” location

And there it stopped. Tasker can’t grab a location, so I think, Tasker does not get the location from Google.

  1. I took a walk to confirm what I think with profile P1 and P2. No fix with network only.

Any ideas?

So, can satstat get your location (switched to network only)? Making a test task, can it get a location?


i made a clean cut. Wiped the phone, formated and installed LineageOS for MicroG. Et Voilà. Though not perfect (and I don’t know why), it works at least sometimes. Took only a weekend to get it running. Was the last time, I use a custom rom. Anything goes sideways, I return to FPOOS.

Thanks, @lklaus for your assistance, Regards.

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