FP2 kills some SIM cards

Well I thought my SIM-Card just died too. If it is a compatibility problem, some response from FP would be nice.

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Well, this is mainly a community forum, so don’t count on FP to reply here on any issues. If you want to get it contact with FP, you should contact support.

Okay, I will do so. Actually I thought this could be more convenient for them but FP seems to change communication strategy on many levels. Yesterday, I was very satisfied to find that FP announced monthly updates for FPOSOS and offers TWRP and Root now. No mentioning/advertising in this forum afaik from FP-Team.

I don’t want to bother the support with questions they possibly don’t have the answer to by themselves yet. They are under heavy customer-pressure and I will just wait.

Meanwhile I found the announcement of the softwareteam :sweat_smile:

I don’t know, but the symptoms are similar (up to now the increasing frequency of necessary reboots to find the card again). The Telekom quote does not claim that MEC requests are a Telekom invention, just that they make extensive use of it. Maybe other providers also use them. Just in case that other non-Telekom users will show up, my card is a 158 XW, whatever that means.

Same problem here. I have actually two SIM cards from T-Mobile Austria, an older one (1 year) and a rather new one (1 month). Unfortunately I don’t know (how to check) the type. The second one showed all the described symptoms and finally crossed over Jordan last weekend. Luckily getting a replacement was very uncomplicated. I don’t know if the new one is again of the problematic type. Let’s see…

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The type is printed on the SIM.

It just says “Vulcan 0502” below the serial number. No other information. Despite the age difference, it’s the same for both SIMs though…

It seems that the OnePlus devs have solved the issue (German link, translation by me):

@Douwe I think you should look into this.


I’ll ask about this tomorrow. Thnx for the notification.


Good news for clients of T-Mobile Austria:


Hi Irina,
I had the same problems with my SIM card twice and now everything is okay with my C/T6 but for the second slot I got again a C/W7 and only usw it in an old Nokia mobile phone. This shouldn’t be the solution oft the problem. Until know I didn’t geht a solution from FP support but the notice that they habe lots oft requests to work out. My letter was Form April 17th:

Elmar Barthel
Apr 17, 10:54

I have big problems with my new FP2:
First everything was okay when I started in January 2016 with one SIM-card (prepaid from Telekom Deutschland). Some weeks later the SIM-card sign showed me: no connection, this occured especially when I came back from flight modus. I rebooted my FP2 and everything was okay again. But the problem occured more and more often although I put the SIM-card into the second slot to differ between a software or a SIM-card problem.
So I ordered another SIM-card from Telekom. I thought to have solved the problem.
Some weeks later I decided to put a second SIM-card (also Telekom Deutschland but by contract) into my FP2 because of getting more convenience during my daily work.
Now I had two new SIM-cards in my FP2.
Since 1 week the SIM-card in the first slot (contract SIM) has the same problem as written above, also when I change the slot, the prepaid SIM-card has normal connection.
But another problem appeared: When I want to phone and the FP2 askes me which SIM-card I want to choose for phoning, repeatedly there it won´t be possible to make the call: “Anruf nicht verfügbar”. The mobile connection is okay in both SIM-cards (can be seen at the sign on top right of the display).
This is very confusing and disturbing, and all the things happened yesterday at my work as doctor on call here in the region!! I wasn`t reachable for hours and I didn´t know about it!!
Finely it repeatedly also occured that when pressing the connecting SIM-card choice when making a phone call, the FP2 shut down for some second and then the display appeared again without claiming the security code of the SIM-card (so no real shut down).
Now I removed the second SIM-card, and until now (!!?) the FP2 works normally with one SIM-card (prepaid).
Remark: I did the new Update some days ago but the problems happened before.

What shall I do???


Dr. med. Elmar Barthel

As far as i understand you have 3 different problems.

Issue with T-Mobile SIM cards discussed in this topic.


You couldn’t recive calls or you couldn’t make calls?

Take a look in this topics:


Take a look here:

You could have been found all that infos by yourself in the forum.

Hi Thomas,
now I got a new SIM card Type B/V7 from Telekom from which is written in a thread of OnePlus that it might be not killed. The problem is that you don’t habe influence on which kind of SIM you will get for substitution from the support.
I will inform you if it works or not…

As far as I know, SIM cards with a “V” in the name are not affected. I think it’s important to insist on getting a new SIM card that works well for the OnePlus devices and to tell Telekom that the Fairphone is affected by the same problem.


Any update on this topic? @Douwe wanted to ask about it? :slight_smile:

I have a C/W2 SIM card from congstar and my ordered Fairphone will hopefully be shipped or arrive next week - and I don’t want to order a new card if necessary.

As far as I know the problem is known at the dev team and being investigated.

For now @Irina_Spitznagel advice above seems the best route.

As soon as I know more I’ll post here.

Sorry for not having better news…


Actually I think this is not a bug but expected behaviour. If you remove the battery, the FP has no way of advancing the timer, so inevitably the clock will be off the first time you start. As soon as the FP connects to a mobile network or the Internet though it should retrieve the proper time again. At least thats what my FP2 does after some time without power… :slight_smile:

Thank you for the quick response nevertheless :slight_smile:

Affected cards will still last a few weeks if I followed this topic correctly. Maybe I just order a new card when my new phone arrives - according to congstar, all new cards do not have this problem.

My Congstar C/W2 survived about two months in the FP2. So maybe the Fairphone devs are quicker and you don’t even have to change your SIM (it’s more or less 15€). It didn’t die from one day to the other, the first disconnection problems started about one week earlier. At least if you call them, Congstar support is quite fast. I got the new SIM two days after my call.

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I have a Telekom V2 SIM card and have not experienced any problems after two weeks. Fingers crossed. Should any problem occur, I will report it here.