FP2 Keeps Turning Off

I am really unhappy with my Fairphone at the moment. For some reason, it just keeps turning off. This happens once or twice A DAY at least and the only way I can fix it, is by taking out and putting back in the battery. It always turns off when I haven’t used the phone and the screen is blank, then I go to check the phone for notifications and it won’t turn on and the LED light flashes. Due to having to take the back on and off so much, I have now cracked the back of the phone. I don’t know what I can do to make it stop turning off, does anyone have any suggestions?

If I understand you correctly your phone is not really turned off but the screen stays black. So when you call your phone it still rings?
If that happens since you updated to 1.6.2 please continue here:

Alternatively your screen might not be connected well. Try to take it off and clean the connectors carefully. When reassembling make sure the connectors align well and everything sits tight. Also if the issue occurs and carefully bending the phone or putting slight pressure on the back cover where the connectors are indicates that it’s a connection issue.