FP2 items to give away / FP2 modules à donner

Bonjour (English below),
J’ai quelques articles Fairphone 2 de rechange et je les donne. Il y a 3 batteries, 2 top modules (1ère version) et 1 module caméra (1ère version). Je peux les envoyer gratuitement en France, les autres pays doivent payer pour la livraison.

I have a few spare Fairphone 2 items and I give them away. There are 3 batteries, 2 top modules (1st version) and 1 camera module (1st version). I can send them for free to France, other countries need to pay for the delivery.

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Please check with the post if you are allowed to send a batterie if the batterie is not in a phone.

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