FP2 is running slow

FP2 just arrived…
Should it run really this slow? It seems like reacting on every screen touch with more than a second delay. Moving app icons is horrifying, entering a wifi password without errors almost impossible.
The FP1 with 150+ apps still runs faster.

A real disappointment. Wasted money.

This is definitly not normal behaviour. My FP2 isn’t slow at all. Did you install apps that might slow it down, like an anti virus?


I wish I could.

Also tried to reinstall Android, but the updater doesn’t show Stock Android, like with FP1.

I’m seriously considering sending it back and apply for a refund.

Well, if its so new and you won’t lose any data, you might try a factory reset. I only found the instructions how to do it on a FP1, but I guess it won’t be too different on FP2. https://fairphone.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/201134418-How-to-perform-a-Hard-Reset-on-my-Fairphone-1

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Yes, hard reset is the same on FP2.

When you’re already in Recovery Mode you can also wipe the system cache.

If nothing helps you can - as you mentioned - send your phone back for a full refund, or you can contact support and probably get a replacement phone. These are shipped with priority within a few days as far as I overheard here on the forum.

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I am encoutering the same problem…
After having our FP2 back from the first repair (camera focus didn’t work, accu/charger issues) I wanted to set it up again when suddenly the FP2 got so slow, that it couldn’t be operated proberly.
Tried a hard reset/cache wipe but without success.
I connected it to the charcher and for a short moment, the speed came back - sadly only for a short moment. Therefore, I think, this is rather a hardware problem than a software bug…

I am going to send it back again which is really annoying…