Fp2 is resettin itself endlessly

my fp2 just started to reset itself endlessly
it was switched on
since then i think i read every related article here
i put it apart, not completely, i removed the moduls
kind of vacuum cleaned it
i did it several times
also i charged it without the battery inside
1 time, after trying the “hard reset” (it didn t seem to work, i read hard reset leads to a certain menu) it showed the screen :“1 of 133 apps get s updated” or similar
then it seemed to work, but i had no sim inserted
so when i inserted that, it didn t work again
of course i tried every combination i could think of:
recharge with no battery
start again with n without sim
have it do it s restes while charging, so the battery doesn t die
so now i ordered a new phone n want to send the repair shop my old one
but somehow, my password seems to be wrong, when i try to login in the support section
please help me
n thx for all this community help in general
peace :wink:

Pressing power and volume up. And wait, wait
Until TWRP is started
Clear Dalvik Cache and Cache partition.
You can loose all your date and you have to place all your icons again on the screens.

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