Fp2 is not responding to apps

My Fp2 is not responding well to touch screen. It often comes up with messages that eg WhatsApp is not responding …when I press the option of “wait” it then finally gets to the app. Takes some time… has that something to do with the touch screen itself or is it due to a bigger issue?

Check Settings > Storage and let us know how much of your FP2’s storage is already filled. Your FP2 might just be blocked from too much data saved in its internal storage.

Do you use an SD card in your FP2?


Thanks for your reply! Ahh, might well be a storage issue. Have used 28.07 GB out of 29.12 GB. The issue has been for a while though. I don’t know if I use an SD card. How do I find out?
Kind regards Ruth

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If you use an SD card, then you must have put it into the device yourself (or had someone else do that for you) :wink: Seriously, you probably haven’t got one. It would also show in the settings I mentioned earlier.

So you need to free up a good chunk of space in your storage. I’d always recommend to get yourself an SD card (don’t choose a too small one, take at least 64 GB or better 128 GB), but in the short run, you can also transfer files (videos and photos usually take up a lot of space) to a computer first. You need to connect your FP2 to the computer with the USB cable you already have to charge the FP2; then set the FP2 mode to “data transfer” (or similar) to allow files to be moved to the computer.

Once you have an SD card, I recommend to designate it as “portable storage” (might also be called “external storage”), not as extended “internal” storage.


Thanks much for all your help. Have got a SD card now and will embark on transfers. Best wishes R.


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