FP2, internet connection freezing

I am using Brave browser with Ekoru search engine - both of which are working fine on my other Huawei phone.

On my FP2, I can load a page with no problem, e.g. my webmail or any website, but after about 1min (maybe even less) the screen freezes and I can’t do anything. I can only press the righthand square button at the bottom and then swipe it away when I get the message ‘Brave isn’t responding - Close app / Wait’

Everything else with the phone is working fine. This seems to only have happened in the last month (I seem to remember an update of some kind in this timeframe but can’t remember what it was).

This happens no matter where I am, at home or not.

It would be great if anyone has any ideas. I am on 4G, have redone the APN settings and done a Wifi/mobile/Bluetooth reset.


Does the same page load in Firefox (or another browser of your choice) without problems and is still usable after one minute doing the same things as in Brave browser? Then you might need to go to Brave support forum to find out, if they have some kind of debug option to find out why the device freezes.

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Thank you very much for your help - it is a problem with Brave on my phone (works fine for my husband and daughter - on S.Galaxy and Huawei respectively). I have tried another browser with same search engine and have no problem. I will ask Brave about it.

Thanks again


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