FP2 hotspot / ad-hoc wifi speed | How fast is it?

Hey All,

I own a FP2 and am looking for options to work in the outsides. I am thinking about getting an unlimited LTE flat since I need to transfer several GB a workday. I have read lots of post assuring that opening a hotspot in different ways seem to work fine.

Now I was wondering whats the max data-rate the FP2 can provide via USB and WIFI.
Does anyone have some numbers for me?

much obliged

The specifications at Fairphone Shop | Fairphone (in the bottom half of the page) specify a

WLAN Maximum Data Rate [of] Up to 433 Mbps (802.11 ac)

I am clueless as to whether that limit is the same for both directions though. Might require directly asking Fairphone.


Aww man, how could I have missed that? Thank you urs!

So since the max WIFI Data Rate is 3 times higher than CAT4, I assume it should be fine; presumed both directions are the same.

I’m not sure if this is the only limit.
Atm I don’t have any exact figures at hand, but I think I remember that the LTE modem can handle something around 50 Mbps (maybe even 150 Mbps).
Of course the actual data rate will also depend on the provider & data plan.

From my personal experience with an Ubuntu machine accessing the Internet and uploading files to my Nextcloud server over the FP2 hotspot I never experienced connection lags or major up-/download times. However, I’m not moving GBs of data over the FP2 hotspot.

Thank you for sharing your experience, BeMiGro.

these are the stats from the page linked by urs in the first reply:
* LTE- Bands 3 (1800 MHz), 7 (2600 MHz), 20 (800 MHz)
* 4G Max Downlink Speed - Cat. 4 - 150 Mbps
* 4G Max Uplink Speed - Cat. 4 - 50 Mbps

I assume the LTE coverage should be good enough in most places of Central Europe to support these numbers. At least when you’re willing drive 30 Minutes to find a suitable spot :wink:

Btw: I contaced FP-Support a few days ago; let’s see what their opinion on this topic is.

Mobile transfer rates are highly dependant on the number of active users in a cell, topology and carrier frequency. LTE has easened some of this but only with 5G you may expect transfer rates near their proclaimed maximum. So, please don’t expect to have 150 MBit/s anytime.

So here’s the answer I got from FP Support:

The WiFi maximum data rate regards the connection speed of the WLAN, but it does not reflect onto the speed of the Cellular data network.
Your phone is able to work as a portable hotspot, but it is not its primary focus. Stability and performances cannot be compared with what a dedicated device has to offer.

'm looking into some other options; if I go for the FP as hotspot solution I will let you know how it’s going.

Thanks everyone for your replies and sharing your opinions.

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