FP2 GPS gets on and drains battery

If I use GPS functions the FP2 gets very hot. The battery drains: form 100% to empty within 5 minutes. Even if connect to a charger, the battery drains and switches of.

A hot phone does not charge efficiently. So that makes it worse.

Can the GPS unit cab be replaced or is there another way to repair this.

This issue is already for 2 years. I am fed up now. :smirk:

A normal battery does not drain from 100% to empty in five minutes, so this sounds like a battery issue.

Does this happen when you leave the screen on without GPS enabled, or only when GPS is turned on, or only when it’s on and being used?

I guess turning on (enabling) GPS is the same as
using it.

  I already replaced the battery. Without using the GPS battery

lasts about 24 h.

That is bizarre and it sounds like a hardware problem. You say this has been an issue for two years - have you contacted Fairphone about it? If you’re within warranty, they can help you troubleshoot and replace parts if necessary.

If you’re out of warranty, I’d try a factory reset to begin with - unless you’ve already tried that, of course.

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The issue is 2 years yes. Since I do not use GPS
often I could manage. I replaced the battery about 1/2 year ago,
hoping it would solve.

  Before contacting FP themself  I try this forum. Bit afraid of

factory reset. Never sure if I loose data.

A factory reset will surely delete your data, it’s a feature of the reset.
But you can lose your data because of a hardware defect in any given next moment. With any computer tech.
That’s what you should be afraid of, and that’s why you make regular backups of all your important data (no backup = no important data).

A manual reinstall of the OS will not delete your data (say Fairphone, but even they recommend a backup).

If you need a real clean break, here’s how.

You can also wait to see if anyone else has any suggestions, but I really am afraid a factory reset is the best option. If you do contact Fairphone this is probably the first thing they’ll ask you to do.

Troubleshooting Android phones often goes like “try one or two little fixes, and if that doesn’t work just factory reset the whole damned device” - a sorry state of affairs, but it is what it is.

Here’s a comprehensive backup guide to follow before the reset. But if you’re worried, just contact Fairphone first and ask for their advice.

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