FP2 Ghost typing

Hi everyone!

I-m having troubles with my FP2. OS has been updated to different versions as they came available (currently 1.7.1) and accesibility has been changed to Medium. Issues seem to become less frequently as I pass through OS versions, although 1.7.1 seems a bit worse than 1.7.1. Concretely, at random times (haven’t figured out a pattern yet) the screen starts typing crazily, with some areas of the screen getting “typed” more often than others. It is a “ghost typing” issue and not something else since actions actually take place (ending up sending non-sense messages through Whatsapp or making calls… really annoying!).

Besides this problem, that appears and disappear on its own, some areas of the screen seem to have worse sensitivity than others for specific apps: while top right corner seems perfectly sensitive for somethings, it seems to have less sensitivity while using some apps (like Whatsapp).

Any clue on how to solve it?

Sounds like a combined connectivity + static issue to me.
Try disassembling the phone and carefully cleaning all connectors. Then reassemble and make sure everything sits tightly (battery can’t move, no gap between screen & frame…).
Now test before charging. If the issues comes back while/after charging try different/better chargers & data-cables.

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