FP2: Galery problem (photos sd card)

Hi! i’ve just got mi fp2 and it works quite well, i have just one question to ask.

The thing is that i have an old sd card from my previous phone basically with some photos and music. The problem is that i can’t acces to those photos, only from the “Amaze” folder which isn’t very confortable to use. If i go to the “photos” app (actually is google photos) the photos from the sd card dont appear, only some of them and it doesn’t let me modify or eliminy them and the app tells me to use the “galery” to modify them.
The problem is that it can’t find the “galery” not an app but the “galery” folder that all the android phones have.

I think there will be a super easy solution to my problem but i’ve look a lot and i didn’t figure it out.


Hello. In Photos, have you tried to select the Menu (upper left-hand corner) and then select, for example, “Device folders”. You should then be able to find the photos from your old sd card.

Same here! Just get my phone and cannot find the “gallery”… let me know if you find it :grinning:

I’ve got the same “problem”… Maybe there is no stock gallery app? But why, I wonder?

No, unfortunately, there is no stock gallery app. Alternatives are discussed here: Picture viewer app: what's your choice?
I use the older version (4.5.2) of QuickPic and like it.

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I usw QuickPic too.
And deactivated/deleted the stock Gallery App.

You might also give F-Stop Media Gallery a try. I used QuickPic for over a year but never was totally happy with it.
By now (two weeks of usage) F-Stop satisfies me more…

Hi all
Is there a way to save pictures taken with the camera on the SD card by default?

Can I open the 'old’photos from my sd card in Amaze? I only see the little circle preview and opening them doesn’t seem to work. As I am trying to ‘google-free’ my FP2, I have disabled the google photo gallery. I have not yet installed another one.
Thanks for your help!