FP2 frozen sideways when preforming a hard reset


I’ve gotten my FP2 about 3-4 weeks ago. Sadly, it reseted randomly (discussed in another topic) and I got the advice from FP support to preform a hard reset. I did the backup and then started the hard reset (return to factory settings). A pop-up window appeared and started loading.

I put the phone down and somehow the “screen rotated without rotating”, meaning I can read the text holding it side ways, but the size of the screen is halved (half black, half text) and I only see the top half of the screen, but the loading circle keps on rotating.

NOW it has loaded over an hour and the loading thing has also stopped moving (has frozen). Is it supposed to load for this long or should I try to redo it, for example by removing the battery?

I appreciate all advices! Thanks!

That’s not the same! A hard reset is performed via recovery mode and is a much more thorough wipe than a factory data reset via the settings app.

You should be able to reach recovery mode and perform a hard reset even from a frozen screen, if not: yes, remove the battery and try then.

Okey, thank you for clearing that up for me! :slight_smile:

I removed the battery and tried to preform a factory reset again and this time it worked, so problem solved, thanks!

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