FP2 froze when downloading a mobile rail ticket; couldn't remove back cover


Following the replacement of the bottom module last December (see earlier thread ) my FP2 was returned to me with a rigid back plastic cover which I’m unable to remove. Up till today I haven’t needed to remove it, as I haven’t had occasion to reboot by taking the battery out and putting it back.

This morning I was about to catch a train using a pre-booked mobile ticket. At the ticket gates I attempted to activate my ticket by going into the app (Chiltern Railways, FYI) . Unfortunately the app was very slow to retrieve the booking. After five minutes of watching it spin I tried rebooting, only for the FP2 to freeze on the “FAIRPHONE … POWERED BY ANDROID” screen. I desperately tried to remove the back cover to take the battery out but I couldn’t shift it. The phone remained in this sorry state for over two hours, until I charged it from a wall socket at home (despite an earlier attempt to to charge it from a socket on the train). In the meantime I had no option but to buy another ticket.

What caused this? I don’t think it was an issue with logging into the app, because I’d done that the night before and my password was stored. Immediately prior to the freeze the battery level was at 55% and the phone was attached to a power bank which had been charged overnight.

Is this the first symptom of a problem which could get much, much worse, like my charging problems of last year?


Opening the slim case works best (for me) this way:

Concerning your app issue, I cannot provide anything.


You mean, what can be seen in this video in the beginning doesn’t work for you? …


I don’t carry screwdrivers with me on a typical train journey. Should I?

Edited: No, it doesn’t work for me - just breaks my nails.

Call me old-fashioned, but I would so like to meet someone face-to-face for a practical demonstration. Alas, there is little hope of that in a country with as few Fairphone users as the UK. :frowning:


Couldn’t do it - just breaks my nails.


It doesn’t take one, and if you had actually viewed the video, you would know that.


Hmmm … I never had a problem taking the back cover off, but some pointy, slim, sturdy thing should help if nails are not enough or inconvenient.
Nail file? Pocket knife? Tooth pick?

Sorry, I can’t say anything about the freeze either … apart from that any computer device can freeze … and according to variations on Murphy’s Law will preferrably do so at the most inconvenient time.


I might believe in a mobile connectivity issue during the booking process. The badly programmed app seem then after a long timeout causing a restart of the phone. So far my guessing, of course can be totally different, but I have experienced similar problems under these circumstances.